Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some clothes from Happy Loco

              Ill tell you a bit about happy.. Its a art project, self expression and a movement. Happy lives in a trash can, he paints, makes clothes and lives a simple life. Usually the clothes he makes are recycled and one of a kind!!! This guy refuses to live the standard that this society forces us to live and that is......Get a Job, make as much money as possible, Spend and spend, Consume all just to feel good about our selves. This guy is more interested in doing some thing meaningful for you and me. Happy wants you to know that its all about following your dreams!! Following your Heart and most importantly........Whatever makes you happy. This could be heaven or this could be our only life....Who really knows?? So that is why Happy wants to share every single gift and talent he has to offer with the world. I am Happy........internally and its a choice. -Loco Jerms

hand made hat and Painted sweater by happy. "We make shit when we feel like it."
Model- Mariah @Babycornn Instagram

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