Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some random things in LA

                     You know those things that just catch your eye sometimes?? maybe its the color of a wall, a random sticker you notice on a pole, the way a tree is bent. The list can go on im sure. Usually there are some things that catch my eye that I feel like other people wont understand or get. I wont put any captions on these photos and ill make you guess what I was looking at when I took these photos. If you can guess them all correct and put a comment ill give you some art. Deal?

      One more thing im sick of seeing all these people only into to Photography to get "Famous" or get likes that shit is wack and OLD!!!! your photos all look the same and I see nothing artistic or meaningful in them. Im not hating but take meaningful photographs that are special to you, not just what gets likes or looks cool. Ill tell you one thing, it gets old! Likes get old and instagram does to. I use it because its a good platform but has fucked up the way we use photographs. Instant Gratification, Scrolling down a grave yard of photos. I do what I do because I LOVE it and I want to share my most memorable moments with the world so it can inspire others to get off there ass and LIVE. Its not about the money honeys, its about passion. -Loco Jerms

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