Monday, February 23, 2015

Black and white photos behind Silver

          Here are some recent photos from the last second sunday skate sesh behind the shop. As I was going through these photos I noticed that I was feeling something from each photo. It was more then just a skate photo but a moment that had a story behind it. I guess you can say that about every photo but it lead me to do all these in black and white so you the viewer can stare more closely at the photo to see whats going on all around. Thanks to Silver for doing such amazing things for the community. Scroll down and enjoy while dip n dots pour down from the sky at the moment. -Lj

Who the hell is Lj?

Gera one foot wall ride to fakie

Silas demonstrates a baby Boneless

Tristan Nose manny

Patrick doing a crook or maybe theres a different trick going on here?

        We were skating in this hall and this crazy cool guy named Detroit wouldn't leave until Noah landed this trick. He kept going up to him giving him prep talk like some coach, Then on this last try he got in the photo and it worked out great!

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