Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dreaming for you

 We live in a world.
 We live in a dream.
 Let go of perfection.
 You are good enough.
 They talk about dreams like its all you can do.
 What you give back always flows back.
 Its loving the self one hundred percent.
 Forget about money, time and age its all so fake.
 Its passion made from universal fabric.
 Im a reflection of you oh its easy to see.
 Ive been here thousands of years and wonder why I come back.
 But every time I do I get a little better.
 With seasons I grow and laugh while winds blows.
 Fuck it im never getting tired, aint never getting old.
 Sick of your rules, Sick of this lie.
 Take our hand lets dream and live life.


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