Monday, February 9, 2015

Old phone photos

             I came across these last night. There about 2 or 3 years old. Time to time I wonder when I should share these or if I should wait longer?? So maybe ill only show a few. I started out shooting photos on my old phone that was a 3.5 Megapixel camera. Eventually I upgraded to 10!!!! Hell yeah I was stoked. Shooting with a phone really taught me that you got to start somewhere and the best camera is the one that's always on you. Its not necessarily about the BEST quality or the coolest editing as a matter of fact its not about that at ALL. I used to be such a creeper and secretly take pictures of people because I was to scared to ask. Sometimes I still do... -Loco Jerms

Alamosa Skate park

UNM parking garage

Patch at Alamosa

Xavier outside of Environment New Mexico

Off of Central and coors area.

Tom Coffin near CNM

Michael, Marcos, and Tom Sprinkler bath

Manuel Mike sprinkler Baptism

Welfare office

Tom Wallride santa fe

Downtown Abq

Downtown Abq

San Mateo area

        My phone was so jacked it would actually glitch when I took pictures, so if I moved my phone as I took a photo occasionally I got this look above.

Playground in the projects with my nephew

Reflections of  this guy Ruby Downtown

Bus 54 Downtown Abq

Some guy reading Downtown

Next to sunshine theater

Nob hill

Nob hill Summer fest 2013

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