Tuesday, February 3, 2015


              Today I spent some time writing and reflecting on life after I finished I was passing through UNM and seen my friend Paul. I see him time to time sitting on this bench or around the area. Hes a real friendly guy with a old school pachuco accent.

                          "Have a seat!" paul told me as I walked up to say hi. Me being in no hurry I took my seat and knew I had some listening to do. I complimented his hat and he told me it was from Paris. As the conversation slowly went on I handed him a piece of art I made that said "Whats Life without purpose?" He shook his head and agreed. "You know a lot of my friends died from over doses and some couldn't take it no more. "Back in 70's my friends played Russian Rullet." I asked what happened after that and he looked away for a few minutes and it became silent. "You know I take it day by day, I don't plan for tomorrow. Who knows if we'll be here"

                        I took some photos and he asked if I was a under cover cop. Its a funny one I get sometimes. I felt like asking him "What makes you happy?"
he replied
        "Oh that's a good one.........associating with people and just seeing smiles......I used to be all about peace and love."

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