Monday, February 16, 2015

Silver food review #4 or 5?

                       Last weekend I decided to try out El Patio. Our friend Chris who comes in the skate shop runs the place and gave us one free meal as a Christmas gift!!!!! Now its already February and I snapped I had the gift card! El Patio is New Mexican style food along with home cooked flavor (Love)

   As you can see you sit out on a patio....Its pretty freaking nice especially on a 70 degree winter day! I was instantly greeted and welcomed with a smile. The chips were delicious and didn't taste like they were out of a bag and yes the salsa was HOT!
 The area is surrounded by a blue picket fence which gave me a uplifting feel. The whole style of the place made me feel like I was somewhere else.....almost as If I left Albuquerque and was in a new town. I liked it honestly. I ordered the Vegetarian Enchilladas which consisted of Blue corn tortilla and had something inside ive never tried before, a spiced spinach. It was sooooooooo good. The sopapilla was like a little fluffy pillow from heaven.

        The one thing that stood out the most about el patio was not just the food but the service. They made me feel like I was somebody important!! They didn't just do it to me but every single person who walked through that fence. So for this food review for the first time ever in the history of Silver skate shop food reviews El patio gets 5 out of 5 Skateboards!! Yeah you can find New Mexican about anywhere in town but when its done with love and in a good environment that's what makes a good meal. El patio is located on 142 Harvard SE. Check them out ok! And on the low theres a hidden item on the menu. -loco jerms

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