Sunday, February 15, 2015

Skating in a backyard

                  Recently back in January I met up with Tom, Sal and Alex to Skate at my Good friends Noahs house. Hes been working real hard on this project of building a natural looking environment to skate in his back yard. I cant say how long its been but its had to have been a year or two? So Far its pretty awesome! We skated through the cold winter night with a fire and a boom box. Ate chips, they drank some beers and it was good! Its invite only so good luck getting in Thanks so much Noah your the BEST! -Loco Jerms

Alex Frontside Air with his gangsta grill in.

Sal good mans got good Kick flips.

Tre flip or 360 flip?

Noahs ark was not Impossible
Back tail for the burquecity LOCOS

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