Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Phoenix trip part 1

Next part should be coming in the next few days so stick around and Ill keep you posted on the goodies! Thanks for watching. Love life and have fun -Jeremy

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


            Ill be leaving to Phoenix Arizona early tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will be updating while I'm out there so I just thought id let you know if there is no posts for a few days. (Although maybe there hasn't been?) either way stay tuned for more goodies, peace. -Loco

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wandering In A Antique Store With Clara Franke

                     This was super spontaneous!! I really enjoy things that aren't planned out. I was with Clara and some how in the conversation I brought up the antique stores a few blocks up so we decided to go check them out for a few. As we were walking around I asked my self "Why aren't I taking pictures?" So I ran to the car and got my camera and this is what we got (Also a broken vase that I tipped over but shhhh don't tell anyone.) -Jeremy

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ripndip at Indian School ditch

                     I found out about this just a few hours before it had started. If you know me I live all the way across town and Indian school is all the way on the opposite side of me!! Just about 10 minutes before 6 I drove up there as quick as I could. Every one had met at the top of Indian school to bomb the ditch together then give away some product at the bottom. I'm a bit bummed I couldn't make it in time to bomb the ditch with every one but being at the bottom was just as fun for me. I waited at the bottom for every one to come down and shot a few photos. Scroll down and Enjoy. -Jeremy


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cinco On Flat - Blaise Jimenez Video from Kanucd Phelps

"Open Doors" visits Chris Dyer's home studio video from Chris Dyers youtube

      I have a wide variety of favorite artists and one of them is Chris Dyer. Its crazy what the internet can do and what it can lead you to. I have discovered so many awesome creative people to inspire me and relate to on some levels. I find that he shares a lot of work on his Facebook page so here is the link to that! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Dyers-Positive-Creations/42400764550?sk=timeline 
Here is a short video interview with him. -Lj

UNM Groovin

     This is a series of skateboarding clips and a little more from the past 4 or 5 months at unm. I had no intentions of making this video but over time I realized I had enough clips to put together. This came out a lot more fun then expected. Click play and enjoy the grooves. -Loco

A series of colored street photos

               Maybe you have seen one of my recent posts about black and white photos? if not here's that link http://www.jeremyadventures.com/2014/12/what-black-and-white-photos-mean-to-me.html Well A few months after that I realized that I was shooting a lot of street photos but in color this time. I'm sure I can add more photos, sit around and stack more up but I feel like sharing them with you. So scroll down and enjoy. Some of these photos are from a year ago up to this month of March. The locations vary from mostly around Downtown Albuquerque, UNM area, and one from Los Angeles. If you would like to hear a personal story about each one then ask me in person because each one has something special that was happening at that moment.