Sunday, March 1, 2015

Michael Padilla 2010-2012 video from Tom Cat

This footage is golden!!! Me, Tom, Michael and the rest of the homies all started filming our first video back when I was in 10th or 11th grade. We all shared what we had and one of them being the camera we filmed with which was Marcos's. The camera wasn't the best but we did our best and one being Michael. He got footage non stop. More then half way through that video Tom got a sony vx1000. A more legit camera with professional quality (An OG feel) we knew that if we wanted to make a great video we had to start over and only use the VX. I admit its been tough working so hard for almost 5 years, not sharing any footage and only using roughly the recent 2-3 but its worth it. If your going to share something to the public you might as well do it as best as possible. Never settle for less!!!! Congrats Michael and Jessica on your new born baby Alexia just born today 3/1/15 Greater things await for those who remain patient. Our current video Live and Forgive is in the works and I cant wait to share with you all soon how much blood and sweat we have put into it. -Lj

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