Thursday, April 30, 2015

Loco tricks with spacoli and Chucky

I have no idea what was going on in these guys heads that day but they are GNARLY!! Spacoli and Chucky are officially locos! -Jeremy

Monday, April 27, 2015

Alamomo video from Prada Bwah

   Heres some old footy my friend Cameron from Baltimore just uploaded of a few homies at Alamosa skatepark. If you look close at the guy with curly black hair you might recognize him. P.S. Vince kills it! -Loco

Exploring The abandon school in Corales

          It was March some thing on the day of some thing in the year of some thing..... Ethan had hit me up about shooting some photos at this abandon school out in Corales New Mexico. It was a smooth drive with a beautiful scenic country view. To get in all we had to do was pull open this large sheet of wood and slip into the window, easy right? NO not all!!! It appeared to be that who ever owned the place had went on the inside and nailed a thick slab of wood right over the window. Then we gave up and went home..No not exactly. Ethan went to the car and grabbed the crow bar. What we did next was gently tap the wood while saying "Open sesame" and wah-lah it opened!!

As we entered the first room we were so excited to finally get in! Later we realized the next door was barricaded shut!! Ethan and Sid gave the door nothing but hugs and love. That bad boy popped right open, After about 30 or 40 minutes.
         Walking up the stairs to the second floor was a total different environment. The sun light peeked in through the windows and gave magnificent lighting. It felt really good honestly and yes I purposely put one color photo here.


Each room we entered was a completely new environment, filled with something so unique. It was strange going into these class rooms seeing them lifeless but still so much marks were left behind. It looks empty but it doesn't feel empty one bit when you're in there.
A little over half way looking through all the rooms Ethan had looked out the window and had noticed people were walking around the school scoping it out!! Did they know we were in there?
We stayed very silent and peeked through the windows occasionally and they were not leaving.

 As the mood became a bit anxious and panicky I decided to tie this vacuum cleaner to the roof. It made me feel good. In all the situations that I have felt nervous it has always helped me to do something that really sets me in the moment. Once I start creating, my thoughts fade away but once I start taking photos I'm really set in the moment and only focus on what's in front of me.

As time passed the people disappeared. We made our move back down still silently like ninjas. We left our marks with photos and art, For whoever else enters this place or reading this I hope you're inspired to get outside and do something creative! We made it out and drove away with laughs. Check out the video from that day below if you haven't seen it yet. Thanks and have a good life. -Jeremy

Fast Feet, High Heat ft. Preety Mudhar video by the creator class

I just love anything that is inspiring. Its so nice to relate and connect with people who do completely different things but have so many similarities. -jeremy

Snow crop circle

     Back in February I was at Roosevelt park playing in the snow. As I was walking along the edge I looked over this fence and there it was......this ginormous spiral with the number 8 above it. I just smiled and nodded my head yes. Some people stopped and starred, others didn't even acknowledge this massive symbol. It was so big!!! They say reality is what your mind chooses to believe. This was so inspiring to me that I went into the other field across the way to make my own and it was freaking hard! Now months later I'm starring at this photo wondering how the heck they got it so perfect.....Just the spiral it self is incredible... What do you think it means and who the hell made it? -Loco

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sara Zelenika

           The Last time I seen Sara she was passing through Albuquerque going to Colorado then over to Costa Rica, I believe. We met up and shot a few photos with the time we had. I took her over to one of my favorite secret spots that I like to unwind and get away from this noisey life. We shot these back in January and I honestly don't know what made me decide to share them today. Maybe its the rain?? Or The fact that she seems to always come up in conversations lately. A "burque legend" perhaps? I would say....Yes! Definitely follow Sara on her instagram @saralynxphoenix or her facebook to catch up on her journey. It appears to be that shes in Guatemala at the moment. Anyways as always thanks for the inspiration Sara you rock! -Loco

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Artists vs. Illegal billboards campaign in Los Angeles

        There are over 4000 illegal billboards in the City of Los Angeles. Advertisements are every where in any city or town you go to. At the moment I do not live in LA but I do know how insane the advertisements are. It looks like throw up basically distracting your eyes. What this has done is give fewer spaces for artists to do there work and now a larger criminal punishment for them in LA. These companies are making large sums of money and could care less about the average joe. Know that you have a voice and a right to say and speak whatever you want, Just make sure its in a positive manner. In this video series there is more information about this campaign and also how the artists are speaking up and taking back. Its a very brave thing to do. -loco

Friday, April 24, 2015

Do what you feel!

This is one of my most recent poems I have memorized and filmed. Please take a watch and listen, thank you -Loco

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Heres some art inspiration for you!

One line with Marcos Salinas

Marcos came through with this dope line today! -Loco

Call me..Photo art set

            Every photo doesn't have to be perfect. Every photo doesn't have to be something that's going to get hundreds of likes. YOU are not defined by those things. At the end of the day none of that shit matters. I took a photo of this phone booth a few weeks ago because there was a random flower on top of it. I thought to myself "Oh, no one will like this but it looks unique to me." See!! That's what the internet world of "LIKES" does, it puts your mind set of getting the approval of others when really what matters is what stands out to YOU! As I was starring at this photo I thought it would be fun to make it colorful. "What if we could just paint the sidewalks pink and all the walls yellow." Now that may never happen fully but I can always turn a photo colorful, I could paint with those colors that make me feel good or I could just read a Dr. Seuss book. I also thought about saving this photo for a show but doing this really opened up my possibilities with photos and art. Take a look at this set called "Call me..." -Jeremy


These Hanksy videos have been killing it. If you haven't heard of this guy I suggest you do some research. Basically in simplest words he knocked off banksys art and would add a Tom hanks face to it. He now does multiple things but is a jokester for sure! In these videos he keeps you really tuned in. Get some art inspiration and watch! Bonjuer -Loco

Monday, April 20, 2015

Earth Day at the Co op 2015

                   Every year the La Monita Co op hosts a festival all just for earth day. Its such a great environment filled with all types of people from the hippies, to the fig guy, the rug guy, that one happy guy and the hot moms. This one was a total different experience for me. As usual you may know me as the guy with his camera taking pictures of every one but I've really found that not so fun. Yeah there's tons of moments and interaction but its such a different experience when your the guy sitting on the floor with his shoes off coloring and selling hats etc. out of a vintage suitcase. I don't force interactions as much anymore. I found letting synchronicity do all the work really makes for the special interactions. I still got my camera on me but I only shoot when its the right time.

As I was coloring with my crayons the one thing that really got me was that all the kids came up to me so excited and ready to color with me. I cant quite remember the girls name above but she got some crayons and started coloring on the back of my mirror. I was holding it up for her and just watching as she scribbled in circles with a grin on her face. My mind wanted to get my camera but I couldn't. I was forced to watch this moment unfold with my eyes and it made me feel so heart warmed. Sometimes you just got to appreciate things as they're happening and not worry about pulling out your phone or camera.

Im stoked for my homie Kyle who brought his art and made some sales. Its such a great door that opens up when that happens.
Above is Johann she took a photo of me and is actually going to draw me!! I was so excited and so was she. I almost decided to go home right before that but I knew if I stayed till the end I could end up meeting some one awesome and I sure did!! She got my $10,000 priced drawing....for FREE!

Maurice came up to me and gave me such encouragement. "It is a blessing to be in your presence" I never even met the guy and it was a blessing to hear that! People carry energy and that's why I love earth day at the co op because there is nothing but Amazing, beautiful and positive energy from people. One lady I never even met came up to me and rubbed sun screen on return of a hug!! She had her baby in the kangaroo pouch and everything! I know I went off topic but dam there is some awesome people out there I promise you!
 This homie gave me a mint plant! Im so stoked to take care of my new plant :)

 ZaZa is wearing those awesome sunglasses. We met about a year ago and just recently did some work together. She sure is inspiring and I was so blessed to see her there!

As it came to a end I had one last framed drawing and decided to go post it up to let whoever have. After taking the picture I sat at some tables down the way to share with the internet about this scavenger hunt. After I posted the photo I looked down the hall and it was gone.....-Loco

Friday, April 17, 2015

Laying in the jungle

            The location was unknown. A jungle surrounding and sounds of many different animals. I could see everything in my room next to me as I was sleeping. Right in front of me is a portal of some sort that led to a different setting. Laying on a rock looking above me was a flock of birds soaring across the sky passing through the sun exactly like this photo and next to me appeared to be a river. As I was watching this happen I heard sounds of monkeys and other unknown animals. I became scared and was resisting to go further into the vision. The whole time this was happening my body was becoming numb and I can feel myself leaving it. "How could you tell your leaving your body Jeremy?" maybe that's your question. I honestly feel myself floating above my skin, its like all the weight of my body stays behind but whatever's in me starts to escape. As I began to get scared I was trying my hardest to snap out of it. I heard the monkeys and seen the birds fly by and felt a bliss so I continued in. I said to myself "Oh yeah I like this" I began to get more and more numb and I swear I'm floating higher and higher. My eyes look away from that portal and to my right is a painting in my room that's shape is a triangle, its a quite larger one as well. That painting turned into Egyptian hieroglyphics and was flashing as if it was being lit from a lighting storm. I don't know what's happening or if I'll come back. That runs through my head every time this happens. I have little control of my actual body at this moment but the amount I do I began to wiggle back into my skin, trying my hardest to come back. My eyes open and I'm wide awake saying to my self "Where the fuck was that?" -Jeremy

Process and Parallels video from werehaus

Anywhere and everywhere is inspiration. Whoever you are it doesn't matter what you look at. To me its good to look outside of things your interested in. What I've realized is that its all reflections of each other from skateboarding to art to music to fashion and videos etc.. Don't limit yourself to one thing, more gifts come when you use the first one you were given. Oh yeah this videos about some Artists from Melbourne. -Loco

Process and Parallels | Melbourne 2014 from WEREHAUS on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fotomish interview with Travis Jensen

This is a interview with one of my favorite photographers Travis Jensen. His style is outstanding. Please watch and get inspired.

Attempts and trick with Kevin Gutierrez

Kevins been out there killing it! I just happen to be around when this varial heel went down.-lj

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Skating Downtown Los Angeles 1/15

                       I've been sitting on these photos for a few months now and finally feel like it's the right time to share them. This night was super spontaneous and not planned out which is always awesome! The van wanted to skate the berrics and as we arrived we got denied. We were right out side of downtown L.A. and decided to go skate around there. As we were driving we spotted that the Transworld awards were going on. Some people stayed at that and we went out and skated.

Mike Dominguez (Above) was on a mission! everything and anything the dude was skating....although that's how he always skates.

Michael Bruhh ollied this gnarly rail in the dark which is totally crazy! As I was looking at it, it was dark enough to not see the stairs or even exactly were you land. Did I mention you roll through I narrow door way and land next to some dog poop? it was stinky.

 Nick C de Baca (Above) was not only killing it but was also filming on his antique camera the Sony vx1000.

   Some streets were empty and some were packed!! This last photo of Mike doing a crook was right near staples center. A Laker game just got done so there was mad people walking by and they sure were all stoked on Mikes crook! It was really fun and exhausting but well worth it. If you never got to see our LA video watch it below.

You want some encouraging words? Don't ever stop, keep your intentions in a higher light, stop focusing on where you want to be and just now. Your standing on a gold mine baby don't forget that. Things take time, there no reason to be in a rush. -Loco