Monday, April 20, 2015

Earth Day at the Co op 2015

                   Every year the La Monita Co op hosts a festival all just for earth day. Its such a great environment filled with all types of people from the hippies, to the fig guy, the rug guy, that one happy guy and the hot moms. This one was a total different experience for me. As usual you may know me as the guy with his camera taking pictures of every one but I've really found that not so fun. Yeah there's tons of moments and interaction but its such a different experience when your the guy sitting on the floor with his shoes off coloring and selling hats etc. out of a vintage suitcase. I don't force interactions as much anymore. I found letting synchronicity do all the work really makes for the special interactions. I still got my camera on me but I only shoot when its the right time.

As I was coloring with my crayons the one thing that really got me was that all the kids came up to me so excited and ready to color with me. I cant quite remember the girls name above but she got some crayons and started coloring on the back of my mirror. I was holding it up for her and just watching as she scribbled in circles with a grin on her face. My mind wanted to get my camera but I couldn't. I was forced to watch this moment unfold with my eyes and it made me feel so heart warmed. Sometimes you just got to appreciate things as they're happening and not worry about pulling out your phone or camera.

Im stoked for my homie Kyle who brought his art and made some sales. Its such a great door that opens up when that happens.
Above is Johann she took a photo of me and is actually going to draw me!! I was so excited and so was she. I almost decided to go home right before that but I knew if I stayed till the end I could end up meeting some one awesome and I sure did!! She got my $10,000 priced drawing....for FREE!

Maurice came up to me and gave me such encouragement. "It is a blessing to be in your presence" I never even met the guy and it was a blessing to hear that! People carry energy and that's why I love earth day at the co op because there is nothing but Amazing, beautiful and positive energy from people. One lady I never even met came up to me and rubbed sun screen on return of a hug!! She had her baby in the kangaroo pouch and everything! I know I went off topic but dam there is some awesome people out there I promise you!
 This homie gave me a mint plant! Im so stoked to take care of my new plant :)

 ZaZa is wearing those awesome sunglasses. We met about a year ago and just recently did some work together. She sure is inspiring and I was so blessed to see her there!

As it came to a end I had one last framed drawing and decided to go post it up to let whoever have. After taking the picture I sat at some tables down the way to share with the internet about this scavenger hunt. After I posted the photo I looked down the hall and it was gone.....-Loco

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