Monday, April 27, 2015

Exploring The abandon school in Corales

          It was March some thing on the day of some thing in the year of some thing..... Ethan had hit me up about shooting some photos at this abandon school out in Corales New Mexico. It was a smooth drive with a beautiful scenic country view. To get in all we had to do was pull open this large sheet of wood and slip into the window, easy right? NO not all!!! It appeared to be that who ever owned the place had went on the inside and nailed a thick slab of wood right over the window. Then we gave up and went home..No not exactly. Ethan went to the car and grabbed the crow bar. What we did next was gently tap the wood while saying "Open sesame" and wah-lah it opened!!

As we entered the first room we were so excited to finally get in! Later we realized the next door was barricaded shut!! Ethan and Sid gave the door nothing but hugs and love. That bad boy popped right open, After about 30 or 40 minutes.
         Walking up the stairs to the second floor was a total different environment. The sun light peeked in through the windows and gave magnificent lighting. It felt really good honestly and yes I purposely put one color photo here.


Each room we entered was a completely new environment, filled with something so unique. It was strange going into these class rooms seeing them lifeless but still so much marks were left behind. It looks empty but it doesn't feel empty one bit when you're in there.
A little over half way looking through all the rooms Ethan had looked out the window and had noticed people were walking around the school scoping it out!! Did they know we were in there?
We stayed very silent and peeked through the windows occasionally and they were not leaving.

 As the mood became a bit anxious and panicky I decided to tie this vacuum cleaner to the roof. It made me feel good. In all the situations that I have felt nervous it has always helped me to do something that really sets me in the moment. Once I start creating, my thoughts fade away but once I start taking photos I'm really set in the moment and only focus on what's in front of me.

As time passed the people disappeared. We made our move back down still silently like ninjas. We left our marks with photos and art, For whoever else enters this place or reading this I hope you're inspired to get outside and do something creative! We made it out and drove away with laughs. Check out the video from that day below if you haven't seen it yet. Thanks and have a good life. -Jeremy

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