Monday, April 13, 2015


                    Every year UNM throws a festival called "Fiestas" This is my third one I have attended and every time is a interesting experience for me. This time I decided to do something different rather then just be that dude with the camera. I brought a suitcase full of hats, a sweater, Beanie, small paintings and 5 limited edition prints colored with crayons, and a poster board for everyone to draw on. I had no idea what was going to happen I just thought it was a fun idea.

         I just sat down and colored my pictures. During that time people would just come, sit down and draw. Some times it was silent or there were many words and questions going back in forth. They all stood out to me but this old feller named Richard stood out the most. He was just starring at my suitcase and was so curious what I was doing so I explained my purpose of being. "We need to get you going!" I showed him some pictures and he just kept asking "You made all of this??" He hung out for a while and eventually he did it.......sat down and started drawing! At first he was refusing to draw saying stuff like he couldn't. He drew a fluffy cloud with arms, hands, AND a happy face in it. I think it was a self portrait honestly.

Yes that is Richard Above....Drawing. I can now die a happy camper. :)

Sherrie got the VERY last "Let Me Live" pull over. I only made 4 and luckily I kept one for my self, Thanks Sherrie you rock!!

 She drew a cow.

And if you look above here we have New Mexico's state bear, The black bear.

   A few hours in some guy (Didn't get his photo) came up to me and just stared and my set up and said very angry "What are you doing!?" I just paused because honestly I had no idea what he was about to say. "You cant be selling shit here, Get out NOW!" So I just made it easy for him and went outside the fence. I find it easier to cooperate and not argue with those kind of people, usually there just looking for someone to argue with. I gave him the shoulder turn and worked like a charm....He didn't stand a chance!!

Dude on the left was just hyped to hold one!!

She got the original copy.......Lucky you!

      The ambulance came, old folks danced to cuss words and they started playing horrible music. I stood out on the exit and hung around for a few. One thing I realized is that drunk people are very vulnerable, most of them would come up and say to me "Do we got to give you money to write on there?" you know what I said......Yeah sure! -Lj

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