Friday, April 17, 2015

Laying in the jungle

            The location was unknown. A jungle surrounding and sounds of many different animals. I could see everything in my room next to me as I was sleeping. Right in front of me is a portal of some sort that led to a different setting. Laying on a rock looking above me was a flock of birds soaring across the sky passing through the sun exactly like this photo and next to me appeared to be a river. As I was watching this happen I heard sounds of monkeys and other unknown animals. I became scared and was resisting to go further into the vision. The whole time this was happening my body was becoming numb and I can feel myself leaving it. "How could you tell your leaving your body Jeremy?" maybe that's your question. I honestly feel myself floating above my skin, its like all the weight of my body stays behind but whatever's in me starts to escape. As I began to get scared I was trying my hardest to snap out of it. I heard the monkeys and seen the birds fly by and felt a bliss so I continued in. I said to myself "Oh yeah I like this" I began to get more and more numb and I swear I'm floating higher and higher. My eyes look away from that portal and to my right is a painting in my room that's shape is a triangle, its a quite larger one as well. That painting turned into Egyptian hieroglyphics and was flashing as if it was being lit from a lighting storm. I don't know what's happening or if I'll come back. That runs through my head every time this happens. I have little control of my actual body at this moment but the amount I do I began to wiggle back into my skin, trying my hardest to come back. My eyes open and I'm wide awake saying to my self "Where the fuck was that?" -Jeremy

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