Friday, April 10, 2015

Portraits and such from Phoenix

           Our past trip to Phoenix was definitely awesome! I decided to film the trip which meant more work and fewer photos. Which is totally fine, this has allowed me to put more thought into the photos I shoot rather then always clicking away. This is a handful of the non skating photos I took. I'm really interested in capturing the life behind skateboarding rather then the main aspect of it.

         The amount of times we went to in n out was insane, I blame chucky. I even had a dream about it the other night which is really awkward. I myself don't eat meat but I do enjoy French fries!

As I was walking around Phoenix am I was in search for some shade! I came across this lady with all these cool bags displayed with drawings on them. Turns out that food gets delivered in them to cancer patients. The organization is called The Joy Bus. I sat under there tent for a few and painted them this bag.

This is my awesome friend Juli, she stays out near Phoenix and we met at last years Phoenix Am. It means a lot when some one keeps in touch with you, supports your art and that's what she does. In return for her support I just had to say thank you and decided to make her a painting. As you can see I was very inspired by the Cacti out there.

    Above is a very unique individual his name is Tyler. I am some who requires there own space to gain energy, while I was out doing that I seen this guy running up the trees and just hanging out on top of them, observing like a bird. I knew instantly me and him had some thing in common. We talked for a few and it was like we were just catching up in life as if we haven't seen each other in a couple hundred years. He said to me "Its sad how they all walk with there heads down and were actually living but they call us the crazy ones."  I replied "And were actually the normal ones.."

 We went to the Video premier "Exeter" in downtown and it was pretty dope!!! The concept that the Arizona dudes portray in there videos "Pyramid Country" is AMAZING. For a while I didn't get it but in the videos you can see that these dudes are not only skateboarders but artists who have a higher levels of consciousness or maybe its just Jackson Casey (films and edits the vid.) Its some thing you don't see at all in skateboarding.

       These two kids above were the BEST!! I admire people who just let there kids BE. Yeah they might have been getting in the way and to most people it could look like the parents don't care but these kids carry a very strong trait that is developed early on and that's being free. -Loco Jerms

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