Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Skating Downtown Los Angeles 1/15

                       I've been sitting on these photos for a few months now and finally feel like it's the right time to share them. This night was super spontaneous and not planned out which is always awesome! The van wanted to skate the berrics and as we arrived we got denied. We were right out side of downtown L.A. and decided to go skate around there. As we were driving we spotted that the Transworld awards were going on. Some people stayed at that and we went out and skated.

Mike Dominguez (Above) was on a mission! everything and anything the dude was skating....although that's how he always skates.

Michael Bruhh ollied this gnarly rail in the dark which is totally crazy! As I was looking at it, it was dark enough to not see the stairs or even exactly were you land. Did I mention you roll through I narrow door way and land next to some dog poop? it was stinky.

 Nick C de Baca (Above) was not only killing it but was also filming on his antique camera the Sony vx1000.

   Some streets were empty and some were packed!! This last photo of Mike doing a crook was right near staples center. A Laker game just got done so there was mad people walking by and they sure were all stoked on Mikes crook! It was really fun and exhausting but well worth it. If you never got to see our LA video watch it below.

You want some encouraging words? Don't ever stop, keep your intentions in a higher light, stop focusing on where you want to be and just now. Your standing on a gold mine baby don't forget that. Things take time, there no reason to be in a rush. -Loco

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