Saturday, April 4, 2015

Trashy Art

                   As you may know or not I ride a bicycle. Along my route on Unser in Albuquerque I began collecting trash I would find, Bring it home and paint on it. Over time I started to realize the abundant amount of trash along the street next to the highway. As I would stop and look around I would notice pieces that have been sitting there for nearly a year!!! The trash gets stopped by a fence and stacks up. As hippie as it sounds it made me feel like I needed to do something about it because it was hurting and disgusting me. I know that it doesn't seem like a big deal to toss a piece of trash out the car window but can you imagine hundreds, maybe even thousands of people doing that daily.....It adds up. I needed a way to shove it in peoples faces! So along my bike ride back home I started collecting as much trash I can carry in my hands and started tying it over the highway. The purpose was so people can see how fucking trashy they are making this place. I put right over the highway where thousands of people can see.

       This photo was about a month in of tying the trash and does no justice to how it ended up looking last week. I had no idea how long it was going to last or what it was going to do and honestly I could care less it just gave me something fun to do. It lasted over 3 months.... It was getting crazy. I didn't document its last stages but I started receiving phone calls from friends who recognized me up there doing it and my sign. I tied the trash in numerous knots and just watched the cars go by. Last week as I was tying a bag on I noticed a man watching me in the distance. Then a different man walked by and said "Don't Jump!" I replied "Oh no this is all my art." He starred at the trash giggled and said "That's a lot of work!"

      I continued to wrap the trash and the man was still watching me in the distance. It made me realize that some one is always watching even if you cant see them. I approached him and he asked what I was doing and I explained my reasons. He just smiled. That night I had a dream. In the dream I was standing at the bottom looking at the trash and people were pulling over taking pictures of the trash and they had no idea I did it. That day I was riding my bike in the morning and........There they were cleaning it. Two city workers un tying and cutting the knots looking at it like "What the fuck?" I just stopped, watched them and smiled......Little did they know it was all me. I had a vision of it looking completely filled but I had to remind my self I just wanted someone to clean it up. Riding my bike down a little ways I even seen a Litter patrol car!!!!!!! Which I have never seen in my life in this area... I cant say the trash issue has been solved but its nice to know that it actually worked out well. I'm sure ill just start over again because there seems to be a infinite amount of trash always along these streets. -Jeremy

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