Sunday, May 31, 2015

may 30th 2015

                    I personally don't even know where to begin.....I am absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of material I have to work with. I recently got back from the Lightning in a bottle music festival in California and it was the most beautiful experience of my LIFE so far....I could go on more about it but I will save that when I share my posts about it. Yesterday me and the homies Tom, Bob and Michael B. all went out skating and filming. It made me fall more in love with skating. The spirit of some people just get you hyped to try new things and to be creative. I will be updating more consistently soon. SO stick around because who know what you will see here.

Bob setting up for his famous drop in grind.

 Bob pushed off the pole (Which usually isn't done in skateboarding) WHICH is awesome and  had absolute balance going down this gnarly rail. He put it down with in a few try's no problem! We even had to wax the rail with some burts bees chap stick......worked like a charm.

It was really nice skating with these dudes. We basically skating anything we could find and not really your "Average" skate spots. To me that's what skateboarding is, skating down the street and hitting every obstacle in your path. Michael Bruhh jammed up this Gnarly pole and flew high out of it! Stoked to be getting clips of these dudes for the video. -Loco

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gone Fishin

               Jeremy Adventures will be out starting today 5/20 till around 5/26. Ill be heading to a top secret location and I will be disclosing more information soon! stay tuned, until then heres a picture of a bird that's taking a nap.- Jeremy

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Punk rock Kick ball

   The title is very self explanatory as you can see. Like most days of mines this one was very spontaneous. On Sunday I just got done drinking a coffee and needed to go on a walk in some grass or nature so I decided to stop by Roosevelt park for a few and there I ran into a group of some friends who were playing kick ball!

It was quite interesting. I can never recall a time in my life where all ages from maybe 16 up to 30 year olds just playing kick ball having a blast. Some were going all out and some were sitting back smoking blunts, drinking 40's, some experimental things or whatever that stuff was called. I myself do not par take in that stuff but you know.....Its just how life was happening at that moment and I knew I walked there for a reason. Whether it was to document them, hear some important words of hope or maybe even network with some folks. Whatever it was I was down with.

    Hendrix was out there getting it!! Its cool to run into this guy, I've been seeing him around for maybe a year now and each time I see him he evolves and grows as a person.

 My cousin Mikey was out there!

Bros for life!

After the kick ball game was done every one sat around and passed the bowl around, talked about life and made some jokes. "Your not Chicano, You don't understand coming home and your dad busts open the door because he's pist off at his job and takes it out on his family"- Mikey. It was like a big cloud of weed smoke was beginning to form around us and I can feel if I stayed any longer I may have gotten a 2nd hand high so I said my good byes and couldn't help but smile as I walked away. -Loco 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Back in February with Megan

     A few months back Megan and I had talked about some photos and I was pretty down. I had these chillen on my computer now for some time and lately I keep passing them by so I feel like it was the right time to share them. We really had no certain plan, just go up on a short hike and enjoy the view. I really like her outfit and the colors she wore that day it all really complimented her skin tone well. Thanks for hitting me up Megan! -loco

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nick Waplington - Things I learned Along The Way video from Huck

"My dad spent his whole working life saving for retirement and then died of cancer.."

Silver 2nd sunday sesh

I decided to film a bit of what went down behind silver skate shop last sunday and these dude killed heck yeah Cody, Michael b, and Ruben, and every one else in between! -Loco

Friday, May 8, 2015

Attempts and Trick with Robert Reyna (nollie Flip)

I came across the footage of the attempts of this nollie flip Robert recently did and I just had to share with you how it went down. -Jeremy

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Watching Missy spin around

       I feel like my life consists of mostly spontaneous moments. People lately keep telling me I'm living the "Dream" and my only response is that "We all are." What exactly is the dream? Don't we all dream at night? Don't we all dream during the day? Maybe there's just people who love to dream a little more then some.... This night I had talked to Missy about hanging out with no exact plans. Missy said she will bring her hoops along if I bring my camera....I left my cave located in the petroglyphs, picked Missy up on my magic carpet at her tree house and from there we hovered over to some park. We put the ringer on my pager real loud and on repeat. I recall lots of beeps that night. Missy spun around while and I flashed her over and over until I couldn't flash NOMO. I woke up the next day and some how ended up with these photographs on my camera. -Lowkeytoe

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Black and white phone snaps

     As I was recently just going through my phone clearing up some space I couldn't help but laugh at all these weird pictures I had on there. When I take pictures with my phone I forget about it and move on and that's what makes these photos fun for me. Even when I don't have my camera the phone being in my pocket definitely comes in handy! Here are some photos from the past year with my cell phone. -Jeremy

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Running around In a white dress with Clara

                      Up behind the Sandia mountains there's this awesome hike up to this abandon home. All the generations of the owners died off and the county took it over and made it an accessible hiking trail. Every person I've told about it just couldn't seem to imagine something that awesome up there. I showed Clara some pictures of it and she was down to check it out! She brought her cameras and we filmed a few things of her in a white dress around the place and during that I was also shooting photos. These photos were giving me trouble when I was first editing them a few months ago so I set them off to the side and finally got back to them. Scroll down and go swim in a pond. -Jeremy