Sunday, May 31, 2015

may 30th 2015

                    I personally don't even know where to begin.....I am absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of material I have to work with. I recently got back from the Lightning in a bottle music festival in California and it was the most beautiful experience of my LIFE so far....I could go on more about it but I will save that when I share my posts about it. Yesterday me and the homies Tom, Bob and Michael B. all went out skating and filming. It made me fall more in love with skating. The spirit of some people just get you hyped to try new things and to be creative. I will be updating more consistently soon. SO stick around because who know what you will see here.

Bob setting up for his famous drop in grind.

 Bob pushed off the pole (Which usually isn't done in skateboarding) WHICH is awesome and  had absolute balance going down this gnarly rail. He put it down with in a few try's no problem! We even had to wax the rail with some burts bees chap stick......worked like a charm.

It was really nice skating with these dudes. We basically skating anything we could find and not really your "Average" skate spots. To me that's what skateboarding is, skating down the street and hitting every obstacle in your path. Michael Bruhh jammed up this Gnarly pole and flew high out of it! Stoked to be getting clips of these dudes for the video. -Loco

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