Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Punk rock Kick ball

   The title is very self explanatory as you can see. Like most days of mines this one was very spontaneous. On Sunday I just got done drinking a coffee and needed to go on a walk in some grass or nature so I decided to stop by Roosevelt park for a few and there I ran into a group of some friends who were playing kick ball!

It was quite interesting. I can never recall a time in my life where all ages from maybe 16 up to 30 year olds just playing kick ball having a blast. Some were going all out and some were sitting back smoking blunts, drinking 40's, some experimental things or whatever that stuff was called. I myself do not par take in that stuff but you know.....Its just how life was happening at that moment and I knew I walked there for a reason. Whether it was to document them, hear some important words of hope or maybe even network with some folks. Whatever it was I was down with.

    Hendrix was out there getting it!! Its cool to run into this guy, I've been seeing him around for maybe a year now and each time I see him he evolves and grows as a person.

 My cousin Mikey was out there!

Bros for life!

After the kick ball game was done every one sat around and passed the bowl around, talked about life and made some jokes. "Your not Chicano, You don't understand coming home and your dad busts open the door because he's pist off at his job and takes it out on his family"- Mikey. It was like a big cloud of weed smoke was beginning to form around us and I can feel if I stayed any longer I may have gotten a 2nd hand high so I said my good byes and couldn't help but smile as I walked away. -Loco 

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