Thursday, May 7, 2015

Watching Missy spin around

       I feel like my life consists of mostly spontaneous moments. People lately keep telling me I'm living the "Dream" and my only response is that "We all are." What exactly is the dream? Don't we all dream at night? Don't we all dream during the day? Maybe there's just people who love to dream a little more then some.... This night I had talked to Missy about hanging out with no exact plans. Missy said she will bring her hoops along if I bring my camera....I left my cave located in the petroglyphs, picked Missy up on my magic carpet at her tree house and from there we hovered over to some park. We put the ringer on my pager real loud and on repeat. I recall lots of beeps that night. Missy spun around while and I flashed her over and over until I couldn't flash NOMO. I woke up the next day and some how ended up with these photographs on my camera. -Lowkeytoe

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