Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Big Cartel Online Store

              As of 12 am last night I opened my online store. I needed to create something to make all of my art available for any body anywhere! I was so undecided and caught up that I needed to have some sort of "Brand name" or a label. Well guess what....I do and I don't! I make so many different things that I couldn't put them all under one category. So the basic run down is  My online store is called 4 square movement. As you may or may not know 4 square movement is 'What makes you happy?' The 4 square movement store is a distributor for all my goods from my art collection called "Happy Loco" and every thing else I create. Over time I will be adding more and more items, from photographs, some books I've been working on, my documentary, and anything else I can possibly think of....At the moment I am using a free account of big cartel which only allows me up to 5 items with one photo each. This is just a start to a new beginning. Go have a look and I promise all your proceeds are for a good cause. I run this blog and its honestly a 24 hour job I don't get paid for, But Its my passion and its all I want to do in life. I have given up so many things to become and stay true to who I am. That also means I'm a human being like you and I have my needs. Any support I appreciate so much. P.s. I also added a "Shop" tab to the above pages. Heres a link as well http://4squaremovement.bigcartel.com/
Thank you I love you.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Joe Miller Crooky grind
Cyprian was about to Ollie on top of a Porsche

But I convinced him it kind of wasn't a good idea...Looking back I think it actually was!

Ali getting the fro combed out!

Mitch was attempting a nose slide biggie spin and was getting so close, It wasn't a make but I really loved the photo with his body poster locked into the nose slide here.

Called it a day, what more could we say?? It was unexpected and that's what's important. 


   As a skateboarder I've learned you can either sit there and hate on other life styles or admire and gain inspiration from them, although that can relate to any thing. This in general is BMX. One thing I've noticed about the bikers in Albuquerque is that they get shit done!!! And its so inspiring to me. They actually are fully dedicated and are very professional with how they handle there passion (Something us skaters should take note from here in town.) This video right here is a local Burqueno "Johnny Ice" and it blows my mind how young he is and the obstacles he chooses to portray his Bicycle art. -Loco



It was such a awesome turn out for skate day. The nice part was that we skated more mellow spots that every one could skate together which allowed a better connection compared to a hand full of dudes jumping down some giant stair case. Thaank youuuu every one who came out and most importantly Nicole mucho Love. -Loco


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Positve Affirmation

   As I was listening to the song Petit Biscuit-Night troubles (Heard in the video) I couldn't help but write along to it. You can call it a affirmation or poem, really it is whatever it is. I call it.....I have no choice. Please watch and listen. -Jeremy

Go skateboarding Day 2015

               Its the longest day of the year so they say. June 21st also known as skateboarding day, fathers day and summer solstice. This year we had every one meet up at the skate shop about 6pm and move on out to skate the university campus at 7. About 7 some thing we find our selves heading out to skate the fountain for the first spot.

It was the biggest sesh ever documented on the fountain in the history of skateboarding. I made sure to check the skateboarding encyclopedia and yup nothing! Then I checked the Guinness book of world records and yup NOTHING. There was so much skating going on back and forth I had not a clue what or who to shoot. I just made my rounds and shot what ever or who ever was next to me and while giving my self some time to skate as well. After about a hour we decided to get to a new spot. The question was "Which one?" We needed a spot that every one can skate and not kill them selves on because you know not every one wants to jump down a 11 stair. I asked around for ideas and my bro Chile mentioned the Loading dock and I instantly knew that one! So we rounded up the cattle.....I mean skaters and went to the loading dock.

 A cop pulled up and of course skaters scatter like cockroaches when a cop comes...I think its the worst idea ever but whatever! We should just patiently leave next time. We skated off to find our selves being followed by this guy but we found a nice spot they couldn't get to. The most sketchy and hardest wall ride to skate in Burque! It was tight.

The sun was going down. Alfeey had the idea to get as much people to sit down at tree rail and Ollie over the rail. I shot the first photo and he got it. We walked away and I find that more people are walking back to the set so he could do it again. It was feeling rushed but I set up what I could and had one try to get it. The cops surrounded us at the next spot which was the rocks and they made sure we left! So we hit the streets instead.

There was a few games of skate the went down and couple spots being skated and I was exhausted. I just laid out like a bum on the side of the street and did what I could. We stayed out till about 11 until we finally called it. What else can I say?? Drink water and go skate! -Loco

Sunday, June 21, 2015

GoSkateDay 2014 With Silver skateshop

Happy Go skateboarding.........Die in the sun day! Make sure to drink water constantly today. Here is a recap video from last years skateboarding day with Silver skateshop. Today we are all meeting at the shop at 6 o'clock today 21/6/15 for a sesh around campus and im sure plenty more awesome stuff! So be there to hop in on the fun!! -Jermcito

Friday, June 19, 2015

Voice of Art - Label GMOs with Nuclear Winter video from IAMother

Inspiration is infinite. Every body has a voice. Most humans do not honor that voice and some do. All I can say is stand up for what you believe in. Just press play and watch.  -Loco 


Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Get Rich (WARNING - this video may change your life)

  Ive been watching this guys videos for a few months now and I must say they are absolutely inspiring. I know it could seem like its a long video but the way he guides you through what he speaks about is completely soothing. I was sitting in my room on a snowy day when I first found him and just painted and couldn't stop watching and listening to him all day. Maybe its for you and maybe its not but if it is then you will take the next step to grow or stay where you are. -Loco

Miles Silvas Official headwear video.

Unreal steez from this dude.



Skating with Ben, Tom and Marcos on 13/6/15

         "Energy is frequency, Vibration. Our life is like a time line. whatever you were doing 5 years ago is going to be affecting you right now. What we do now, echo's on into eternity. Once you start connecting the dots you start attracting more synchronistic experiences in your life. It feels good to be alive. The universe is divine mathematics, there are no accidents or coincidences." -33
Benjamin 50-50 to death fall. Or maybe Toms the one more in danger here.

Gotta do what you got to do to get the angels right Tom? Even if it means risking your life or even more importantly YOUR camera.

Marcos riding the Rolley Polley.