Monday, June 1, 2015

Adventure in downtown LA.

            I'm Arriving in Los Angeles, California on May 25th from the lightning in a bottle music festival that took place in Bradley, California. My train to Albuquerque, New Mexico Leaves at 6 o'clock that day. I'm sitting on a bus going along the coast near Santa Barbara and the time is well past 6 pm, I missed my train home.

       Sitting down on the street corner with my back pack, sleeping bag and suit case. The sun is going down in LA and its a bit cold but the fresh air from the ocean feels so good. With only cash in my pocket down the way there's a motel 6 and I have a place inside to sleep for the night. Check out is at 12 pm and my train doesn't leave till 6:15 pm. Catching the bus towards downtown LA, the bus route shows that it will drop me off right next to the train station. As I'm sitting on the bus, the bus driver yells "Last stop!" So I get off the bus thinking I'm near the train station but turns out I'm 4 miles away from it. With time to kill I decided to go and find some place to eat and I ended up in this Café called Spring time in New York and had some pecan waffles.

As I'm leaving the Café walking down Spring street I see some friends I recognized from the festival walking towards me, its Ben, Sam and Alex. It didn't even surprise me because that's just how my life has been lately. They asked me where I was heading and I replied "The train station." and Ben says "them to!" Pointing to Alex and Sam. Out of the insane amount of people in Los Angeles we walk perfectly into each other and guess what?! We are getting on the same exact train going to Albuquerque! It turns out that Sam and Alex are from Las Cruces which is a town located in New Mexico. They asked me to tag along and you better believe I was down!

This is Alex(Left) Sam(Middle) and Ben. (Right) We stopped by this green juice bar, re-learned how to play mancala, got free drinks and all kinds of other goodies from a friend of theirs who works there. It was so nice.

 Thanks for caring my suitcase Ben that helped me out so much! Note to anyone, Pack your suitcase as light as possible if your going to be walking far distances and not sure where you are going to be sleeping. Luckily it lost some weight from the festival!

I cant exactly recall who pointed it out but they spotted a back pack way up at the top of the pole! As curious as we were we just HAD to get it down. It turns out that Sam and Alex were staying down the street at Alex's brothers apartment. So we headed over there to see what tools we could find.

 With some assistance and removing of the shoes Ben poked the back pack and it came straight down! We all decided it would be best to head back to the apartment and open it there.

We opened the back pack and it had few shirts, a pair of pants and a spackle. I think we can all agree that the journey of going out there to get the back pack was a lot more exciting then what was in it. Some sort of life metaphor perhaps? I would say.....YES!
Did I mention how inspiring the apartment was? As  a creative person living in Albuquerque I don't get to see many people being artists or how they live perhaps. When I walked in the place I instantly felt it, I felt the energy. 

I seen with my eyes some one who was living it.....The life style. From the sewing machines, to the art created on the walls and the space in general. I didn't meet who lived there and to me, it didn't matter how they made a living or "Income" It really gave me some creative inspiration and hope.

            We left the apartment and headed over to the train station with about 15 minutes to spare and look for our train. We ran back and forth as the clock ticked trying to find our train. No body seemed to be of much help when we asked and as soon we were about to go the completely wrong direction we looked up, read a sign and found it!! I sat down on the train, relaxed and gave thanks to God. -Jeremy

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