Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Big Cartel Online Store

              As of 12 am last night I opened my online store. I needed to create something to make all of my art available for any body anywhere! I was so undecided and caught up that I needed to have some sort of "Brand name" or a label. Well guess what....I do and I don't! I make so many different things that I couldn't put them all under one category. So the basic run down is  My online store is called 4 square movement. As you may or may not know 4 square movement is 'What makes you happy?' The 4 square movement store is a distributor for all my goods from my art collection called "Happy Loco" and every thing else I create. Over time I will be adding more and more items, from photographs, some books I've been working on, my documentary, and anything else I can possibly think of....At the moment I am using a free account of big cartel which only allows me up to 5 items with one photo each. This is just a start to a new beginning. Go have a look and I promise all your proceeds are for a good cause. I run this blog and its honestly a 24 hour job I don't get paid for, But Its my passion and its all I want to do in life. I have given up so many things to become and stay true to who I am. That also means I'm a human being like you and I have my needs. Any support I appreciate so much. P.s. I also added a "Shop" tab to the above pages. Heres a link as well http://4squaremovement.bigcartel.com/
Thank you I love you.

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