Thursday, June 11, 2015

Catching Lightning in a Bottle

                Its about Mid day here at Lightning in a bottle music festival. Back home in Albuquerque I painted a flag that's based off the Zia sun symbol. Around the symbol I wrote "What makes you happy?" and I'm having people sign it in specific colors for various location as a traveling art project.

        Walking around L.I.B. I'm flying my flag around that I had tied to a stick, just dancing around, waving it all by myself. It just felt so right and free. Along my wanders with the flag I would only ask people occasionally to contribute to it, I want it to happen organically and not forced. As I was walking through the art mural section, I look down and see this girl sitting on the floor with bright blonde frizzy natural looking hair and a face with such beautiful traits. She had light blonde peach fuzz hair that peeked through out her face and even over her top lip, as crazy as sounds it I liked it! We made eye contact instantly and exchanged smiles. Her teeth were a bit crooked but I seen so much beauty in her imperfections or what society considers "Imperfect". This moment was happening in just seconds as I continued to walk past her...

                 A few steps ahead I stopped my self and get this feeling to have her sign the flag so I turned around and had a seat next to her then said "Would you like to contribute to my art piece?" Spreading out my flag I explained what to do, She grinned and said yes. As she is writing on the flag I'm writing on my business paper. On the back I wrote my signature 'Be happy' and in the front I did my four square movement symbols. I handed it to her, said good bye and walked away.

                Leaving the art mural section I get this feeling that I should have taken a photograph of her but pass it by because I'm already a distance away. Maybe I was having fear of missing out or just didn't want to be a weirdo going back in forth. I notice that my hand bag feels a lot lighter then usual so I looked down and seen that my glass water jar was missing. I said to my self "Ok, if the jar is next to her then that must mean I really gotta take a photo of her." I walked back......, peeked over and there it was, tipped over right next to her. I walked back, sat down then laughed and told her I forgot my jar. Introducing myself as Jeremy she responds and her name is.......Mary. Calgary, Alberta, Canada is where she's from. A friend of hers runs up and insists that Mary comes and watches her do some acrobats through a hoola hoop. Mary says to me "Come on" so we go over. Mary introduces us and her name is Bianca, a taller girl with green streaks through her hair. We sat down and Bianca demonstrated some incredible moves.

                The sun is beginning to go down and I instantly notice the lighting began to change to its warmer golden tone. I snap and realize that I haven't even gotten a photo of Mary! So I ask and take her over to a nice lit up area. I can feel that she is nervous and is giggling as I start taking the photos. I want her smile the most so I complimented her and said "Beautiful smile" then got it.

This is Mary :)

                 As the sun went down each night it became ideal to put on warmer clothes. "Come with us, I have something for you wear." Mary said to me. We headed over to her campsite and I met more of the wonderful people she came out with. I had a seat around this beautiful table they had decorated with a tapestry, books and crystals. Mary goes in her tent and comes out with a wonderful surprise, its a navy blue shrug covered in elephants and beautiful middle eastern patterns. I can't help but want to give something in return so, I grab her boots and start writing my calligraphy styled letters all over them. Mary looks at them, pointing to a word and asks "What's that one say?" Apparently I spelt the word Abundance wrong and put "Abudence" I laughed trying to play it off that it was pronounced "Abuh-dense"

          The Sun went to sleep and Mary, Bianca, Sam, (Bianca's boyfriend) and a few others went down to see the artist Panda Bear play a set at one of the stages. We danced as the wind blew and the crowd moved. My hands were full so me and Mary went and put the things down at my tent, when we got back our friends were gone. She says to me "My friends may have gotten worried about me, maybe they're at my campsite." We walked back over and no one was there, so we wandered the festival checking out various art installations and even making a stop to do some dancing.

-"Are you an alien?" Mary asked me and I replied
-"No haha, my full name is Jeremy Benjamin Salazar, I was born on July 25th 1994 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My moms name is Cynthia Chavez and my dads name is Augie Salazar...."
 I was saying anything I possibly could to prove my "human existence." Mary Responded,
"Tell me more, I want to know everything."

         We Needed a place with few distractions to talk. While we're walking I told Mary "I want you to know that I respect you." She smiled and said thank you. I took us under this Gazebo where the floor was covered in yoga mats and no lighting, it was a nice quiet area. We cuddled closely and kept each other warm. "Where do I even start?" I thought to my self.

         I just started telling her everything from growing up into a gang, watching my family evolve from drug dealers to drug addicts, seeing my dad do heroin, my home starting on fire, finding faith, I told her how skateboarding kept me away from all that negativity. I even told her how my English college teacher laughed at my dreams....

I couldn't help but start falling in love with her. This girl was truly listening to me and really cared about what I was saying. It made me feel even better because we had no idea who one another "Was" we were only able to see each other for who we truly are at that moment in time. It started becoming colder then next thing I knew were rolling around and I roll right on top of her. We're gazing into one another's eyes and without a thought or second guess we emerged into kissing intimately. Instantly I knew we needed to get some place warmer because it was impossible to stop.

                 Going back over to her tent in search of a blanket she succeeds quickly. Following my instinct I take her to one of my favorite spots. Over looking the festival on top of the hill is a meditation look out area and next to that is a 'quiet area'. The quiet area is a tree covered with absolute love. Dangling from the branches is a crochet chandler, crystals tied from string and twirling around. The tree is surrounded by rugs, mirrors, books, more crystals and succulent plants...Its magical and I just had to share it with her. We got under the blanket and laid in darkness with the festival noise in the back ground. We kissed tightly while learning more about each other.

      The Last band (Tycho) had finished playing and we both knew it was getting late. It was freezing outside of the blanket and I didn't want to leave. Did I mention it was the last night of the festival? That means we both had to get up in a few hours to pack up and leave. This may very well be the last time I see Mary.......
"Don't let anything hold you back, Not even me, you live your life. Time will pass and when I see you again we'll pick up where we left off..."
I said to Mary with my arms wrapped around her.
We walked back over to her tent and hugged each other firmly. We kissed and tears began to fall from Mary's eyes. I knew if I got up early enough I may be able to make it over to her tent. I told Mary the plan..."Ill wake up early and if I have time to stop by here, I will. If your here, your here and if not.....I will see you soon." We gave one more kiss and I walked through the festival feeling warm and awake. Its like she gave me this energy to do it... I went back in my tent and checked the time and it was well around 5 A.M. I packed as much of my stuff and fell asleep right before the sun came up.

            I have no idea how long I slept but I woke up to some friends doing DMT in the tent and the sun still hadn't came out fully. A fog rolled over the hills and a dim amount of lighting peeked through the clouds. I finished packing and decided to go on one last walk through out the festival. I made a few friends and even sold a hat unexpectedly. Then I got the feeling......go see Mary Now. I walked over to her and there she was..... Sitting up in her tent facing the opposite direction of me. "Mary" I said softly. She turned around with a surprised face, jumped up and blasted out of the tent. We squeezed each other and it felt so fucken good. We went on a walk together and went to my morning spot that over looks the dry lake bed. I would sit there and write every morning.

             We laid together and I swear its like I blinked my eyes and it was getting closer and closer to leave, Mary still had to pack as well. Going back over to her tent I sat down for a few and her tribe packed up. Bianca grabs a camera from a friend and says "I have to take pictures of Mary and Jeremy together." We walked down a ways and found a nice spot. As Bianca started photographing us it started hitting me emotionally.  A photograph is documenting those moments in time that you want to hold onto.....forever. It started making it that much more real to me. I was sad but so happy at the same time. I came across such a beautiful connection that was organic and raw, Something that might be considered a fairy tale. I did not intend any of this. I just had a plan to go out alone, dance, do my art and document my experience. All these doubts inside of me opened up daily, I got more and more comfortable in my skin by the second with who I truly am and was completely high on the moment. I believe that's why this occurred. We were both in such a pure and free state of mind and attracted each other like magnets. I mean there was thousands of people there, at least 30,000 I heard and every single person was BEAUTIFUL but Mary just had this glow in her ora and eyes that spoke to my soul....I couldn't believe this was good bye. We hugged so tightly and held on as long as we could. We kissed and said good bye. Tears slowly flowed out of my eyes and we parted ways. Walking to the bus...., I just cried and cried with a sad face. The amount of love, knowledge and what I felt at this place got left behind but I had so much to carry with me and share with the world. I couldn't stress enough for you (The reader) to go! I truly believe that this place is heaven all it was missing was a place to ride my skateboard. Stop being stuck and go where you want to go. Grow spiritually and break those bloody walls down. There's nothing to fear, see foreign lands, take risks and test your faith in God and watch miracles manifest back to back.

              Getting on the bus it took hours to leave the festival. We would move up a car space every 20 minutes or so. I shut my eyes and opened them and we were on the highway. I pulled my Journal out and started writing this post, It was like a dream. All this information comes to you so fast but once you wake up you start to forget about it and the details. So I closed my eyes and visualized. From start up till this moment on the bus, and the more I did that the more I remembered. She was on my mind the whole time. I had no worries, I knew we were going to talk and see each other soon. I didn't even worry that I was by myself on a bus some where in California and missed my train in Los Angeles. It didn't even matter that I had no place to go, I was exactly where I was supposed to be. This festival really proved to me how the universe takes care of everything. I felt so good and calm, there's absolutely no such thing as wrong.

After my day adventure in LA (A few posts back) I made it home. I knew I had lots of working to do on my self (And still do.) I was talking about Mary to my brothers girlfriend and I get an email... its her. "By the way I love you :)" it said. To me it verified this was real. It reminded me of a modern day old fashion love story. Its been a few weeks since Lightning in a bottle now and I still have so much to share. Me and Mary are keeping in touch now and due to the day and age we live in we get to Skype and learn more about each other. Mary's now my partner, my girlfriend and lover. When I was in Los Angeles I seen this art piece that spoke directly to me, It said "Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel." -Jeremy


  1. Jeremy this is beautiful brought tears to my eyes. Mary is beautiful and so are you. Many blessings on your journey of infinte love.

    1. Sonya I love you! Thank you so much for reading it really means a lot. Blessing to you on your beautiful life love

  2. Namaste brotha...Shine da New Mexican sunsets...

    1. Namaste Noah! Miss you brotha hope all has been great for you, it looks beautiful out where you are. I will see you soon!