Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Go skateboarding Day 2015

               Its the longest day of the year so they say. June 21st also known as skateboarding day, fathers day and summer solstice. This year we had every one meet up at the skate shop about 6pm and move on out to skate the university campus at 7. About 7 some thing we find our selves heading out to skate the fountain for the first spot.

It was the biggest sesh ever documented on the fountain in the history of skateboarding. I made sure to check the skateboarding encyclopedia and yup nothing! Then I checked the Guinness book of world records and yup NOTHING. There was so much skating going on back and forth I had not a clue what or who to shoot. I just made my rounds and shot what ever or who ever was next to me and while giving my self some time to skate as well. After about a hour we decided to get to a new spot. The question was "Which one?" We needed a spot that every one can skate and not kill them selves on because you know not every one wants to jump down a 11 stair. I asked around for ideas and my bro Chile mentioned the Loading dock and I instantly knew that one! So we rounded up the cattle.....I mean skaters and went to the loading dock.

 A cop pulled up and of course skaters scatter like cockroaches when a cop comes...I think its the worst idea ever but whatever! We should just patiently leave next time. We skated off to find our selves being followed by this guy but we found a nice spot they couldn't get to. The most sketchy and hardest wall ride to skate in Burque! It was tight.

The sun was going down. Alfeey had the idea to get as much people to sit down at tree rail and Ollie over the rail. I shot the first photo and he got it. We walked away and I find that more people are walking back to the set so he could do it again. It was feeling rushed but I set up what I could and had one try to get it. The cops surrounded us at the next spot which was the rocks and they made sure we left! So we hit the streets instead.

There was a few games of skate the went down and couple spots being skated and I was exhausted. I just laid out like a bum on the side of the street and did what I could. We stayed out till about 11 until we finally called it. What else can I say?? Drink water and go skate! -Loco

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