Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hollywood high sesh 13th January 2015

              It was the last day of the trip to Los Angeles with the silver skate shop homies. We went out for the agenda trade show and also did non stop skating day and night. We all made a decision to go up to Hollywood and have a look around and check out the famous Hollywood high school. We skated along the stars, seen some weirdos and then... arrived to the school.

  Chucky and Michael both stepped up to the plate. I starred at the 12 stair and shook my head. Even that thing was big! Its crazy to think about the insane amount of tricks that have went down on this spot. They both put down some boardslides with in a few tries on the 12. Michael then started trying crooked grind and was getting close every try! As I'm standing on the roof shooting photos a black van pulls up and parks next to the school. One thing I've learned about Vans with California license plates is they usually have a gang of skaters in them and most likely pros. Next thing I know I see Peter Ramondetta walking in and Justin Brock pushing a stroller with a baby! I knew something awesome was happening and more, and more people started showing up. Michael went back to roll up for the crook and I believe Peter Ramondetta was standing right next to Michael, gave him some props and he put it down!

   After those tricks that went down on the twelve there was TONS of people showing up. Chucky walked over to the 16 stair and was starring at the rail. I knew he was going to try it so I ran up to get an angle and before I could even get my settings right.....He boardslided it first try!

The kid ran back up and I ran to the bottom for a different angle. Chucky Charged the set as fast as he could, popped a Ollie and just barley clipped the first stair at the bottom. I couldn't believe it....This thing is massive especially compared to him. He tried one more Ollie and kicked out. I get this feeling to film this attempt and BOOM he puts down a melon grab and rolls right out the gate.

Everyone was so stoked! It was insane. Chucky was getting props and even got featured on Justin Brocks Instagram with the video clip. Its so beautiful how everything is connected in life. Out of every day we go there all these great skateboarders show up when we are there. Life is truly meant to be, There is no such thing as coincidences.

I wont say any names but one of the dudes started trying such a unique trick on the 16 stair. We sat down and watched. After a few tries in a guy kicked us out of the school and not the cops who were watching us! It was time for us to get going either way. We drove right by a few minutes later and the dudes were back in there trying again, it really proves how dedicated skateboarders are. -Jeremy


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