Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Party in the park at Bull head 6/6/15

                 I have no idea who throws these but once a year some body brings out there PA system, speakers, dj equipment....whatever you call that stuff and throws this party. Its usually at Roosevelt park but this year was at bull head. I had no idea this was going on, I had just got done skateboarding and I was totally beat. My legs felt as if they were going to collapse at any moment. I get a text message from my friend Missy saying "Come to Roosevelt" then later getting another text from her saying "Bull head" So I instantly thought in my head oh you know hang out at a park for a few and relax...Why not? Then I get there and the place is packed! I hear music in the distance and knew that's where I had to go.

     At first I was contemplating if I felt like taking photos or not. I was so exhausted from skating and could barley hold my self straight. I was laying down watching every one and just got motivated to shoot photos as soon as I seen this group of friends passing this 40 oz. around. (First picture at top) I took one photo then my legs got this burst of movement. They still hurt but I could function and eventually I was even dancing and shooting photos at the same time. The sun was setting so I took advantage and did my work, and simply just had fun seeing my friends.

Kaleem was there to! He told me he did acid for the first time last week. Then I told him that we should steal that persons pizza they just left on the floor. We never did steal that pizza..... I guess we will never know how good or bad it was.

Ruca buca (Ray) was there to! It was so nice to see some skater friends there.

This guy was trying to ride my skate board all drunk and bare foot when I first got there.....I was about to sock that fool...Just kidding!

"Rainbow Child"

This posse came through. It was pretty awesome to see the OGs Alfred, Timmy and Elijah hanging out. Back in the day when I first started skating those were the guys who I looked up to and inspired me to be the skater I am today.
The sun set and it was beautiful. What more can I say?? Thanks to who ever throws these. Albuquerque is always in need of anything to bring these selected types of people together. Id say its the generation of.....creativity, punk, and passion in Burque. -Loco

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