Thursday, July 30, 2015

Have the balls to follow your dreams: Dianna David at TEDxRenfrewColling...

"In this pursuit of happiness I've learned if you do the things you love it inspires others to do the same.....Remember to PLAY"

How to Retire by 20 | Kristen Hadeed | TEDxUF

"Just Trust there's always a bigger picture." Such a great inspiring video, I highly suggest you watch this!

Lightning in a Bottle Adventures with Video Narrative.

I completely forgot about the video clips I filmed from LIB. I was watching the clips a few nights ago and I knew that I had to make this video with a narrative. so please watch and enjoy! -Jeremy

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Three loco tricks with Alfeey

Alfeey put these tricks down in January and hey!!! why not share them now?

15th of January 2015 Jamie Cizek Wheel Chairing in Los Angeles

why you should make art and about my first piece

I wanted to share what started my artistic spark and why anyone should choose to create and its benefits that I learned. Here I explain in a video and give you a closer look at my first piece I started creating a year ago. please have a watch and be inspired. -Jeremy

Friday, July 24, 2015

Running into the Toy machine dudes at UNM 19/7/15

           The clouds were rolling in and I just had to ride my skateboard, I needed my dose badly. I was studying the clouds and it seemed that if I went east I would be able to get a little bit of time to skate. As I was driving I knew no one would want to skate so I thought to my self "Where should I skate?" And the parking garage at unm sure is one of my favorite spots especially in a situation with weather. I pull up in to the garage and there goes Daniel Lutheran and Leo Romero flying past me and olling over the big 10 stair. I was so stoked to see them. They were just playing around before the rain came and no one was shooting photos, just filming on their I phones so I ran and got my camera and shot a few photos before a lightning bolt striked right across from us causing every one to scatter and split....except me :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heavy Dreamers video by David Ehrenreich

Pow! Wow! (not the one here in New Mexico) is an arts festival that takes place in O'ahu, Hawaii. This video interviews a few of the artists and goes into a depth of who they are and how inspiring this place is. Ive never heard of this art festival but wow it really is a beautiful collaborative. -Jeremy

Vancouver w/ @littlebrownfox Video by the Creator Class

"I try to encourage people to get out side."

Rail yard market 19/7/15

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nob Hill summer fest 18/7/15

            One of my favorite events in Albuquerque is Nob hill Summer fest. The whole idea of Route 66 being shut down and every one storming up and down central is just awesome! My past years I usually would walk up and down looking for photo opportunities and that's always fun but I felt I was searching for something that couldn't be searched for. More of something that just had to happen organically and that's how I've been enjoying my photography lately. It only takes one good shot to scar the birds out the nest... This year I went down with my suit case and a few paintings, kicked my shoes off and played the o'l dirty street hippie role. Its like fishing, Its not really about catching anything more of enjoying the time being. If you catch something cool if not that's cool to, either way its good time invested. These are the photos I got and usually id be bummed with the amount but the  interactions I had were so special and that's what's most important to me. -Jeremy

Patricks going to Hawaii

A tower sesh the day before Patrick left to Hawaii. See you soon man!! -Jeremy

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Grimes - Be A Body video from KEXP

Listening to a song is one thing but watching some one create it and the process as its happening is even better!!! I highly suggest you take a look at Grimes as she puts it down with her unique feel and sound. Some may be weirded out but if your not some you will be impressed!

Mosas Bridge

A quick sesh on the bridge before the storm came last Saturday.

Happy Loco

          I had recently made a set of three fishing hats to try something different out then the usual 5 panel hats we make. So far in my art journey I've learned that the most important part is....The process of making something with my hands. Yes it takes time but its beautiful time. I'm sure I can just mass produce the same hat over and over but I sure do enjoy creating something different every single time I make a hat or anything in general really. Its like 5 ingredients to make a cake, It will be the same cake but the fun part is trying to make it look different every single time. I got rid of those hats faster then any of my others that I have made!! Two I had a design idea and another was a custom hat!

Ali got my skateboard for me that I had lost for a few days, thanks again!

Kateri drove all the way down from Santa Fe one night to meet up. I was flattered.

Me and Liz actually walked into each other at the perfect timing as I was strolling down central. You are exactly where you need to be, and always on time even if your "late."

cleansing crystals with Mariah Grace 10/7/15

7 Days in New York video by Clara Franke

Clara is always up to some thing awesome, Cant wait to visit you in Germany soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


You know one thing about Albuquerque is that THERE is hidden gems and talented folks. They do exist I swear, Reighbeau is one of them. This guy in the video actually works at the coffee shop winnings that I go to, and the rest of the group which is Brycen Fletcher, Hannah Daney, and James Qual. They're beautiful folks and this video.......My my it is amazing!!!

Burque Daze Ep. 10 video from Michael Bruhh

Yeah homies!!!!! "Hes so innocent."

Monday, July 13, 2015

Stop making art and you die | Rich Theroux | TEDxCalgary

New york city July of 2014

           Our airplane was set to take off, As me Nicole, Raphael and Vince all sat on the plane along with plenty others we waited patiently as the plane just sat still. I cant remember the exact time we were set to leave but 5 minutes pass then 10 minutes turns to 30 and I swear it turned into a hour of sitting on the airplane and not leaving. They get on the intercom and apparently they didn't have some pole to push us out so the flight was canceled.......It was like being teased on Christmas day and some how Santa just happened to be a day late. We hopped on the next flight which was the day after. Everybody hears about and sees New York city on movies, TV, magazines etc. But I could not fathom it whenever we arrived. It was like I was a little beta fish who lived in a bowl for 20 years and just got dropped off into the fuckin Atlantic sea with EVERY single creature who swims in the ocean. Every single step I took in that city was inspiring. This place is a door. Thousands of doors, No actually....... MILLIONS. I had no idea there was life like this. I don't come from a very artistic background but when I was there I was fed a abundant amount of possibilities in my life. I cannot stress enough for anyone to go there, Like save your dam money now! I don't care how old or young you are! and don't just be a tourist, go out, walk around AND MEET the people. Yes its scary and yes you WILL get lost, but faith will guide you. That place is filled with synchronicities, nothing but back to back moments of perfect timing. Here I have some photos that I haven't shared so I thought why not share them now since its a year later? And crazy thing is I still have more photos I'm holding onto because they are that special to me. -Jeremy