Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy Loco

          I had recently made a set of three fishing hats to try something different out then the usual 5 panel hats we make. So far in my art journey I've learned that the most important part is....The process of making something with my hands. Yes it takes time but its beautiful time. I'm sure I can just mass produce the same hat over and over but I sure do enjoy creating something different every single time I make a hat or anything in general really. Its like 5 ingredients to make a cake, It will be the same cake but the fun part is trying to make it look different every single time. I got rid of those hats faster then any of my others that I have made!! Two I had a design idea and another was a custom hat!

Ali got my skateboard for me that I had lost for a few days, thanks again!

Kateri drove all the way down from Santa Fe one night to meet up. I was flattered.

Me and Liz actually walked into each other at the perfect timing as I was strolling down central. You are exactly where you need to be, and always on time even if your "late."

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