Monday, July 13, 2015

New york city July of 2014

           Our airplane was set to take off, As me Nicole, Raphael and Vince all sat on the plane along with plenty others we waited patiently as the plane just sat still. I cant remember the exact time we were set to leave but 5 minutes pass then 10 minutes turns to 30 and I swear it turned into a hour of sitting on the airplane and not leaving. They get on the intercom and apparently they didn't have some pole to push us out so the flight was canceled.......It was like being teased on Christmas day and some how Santa just happened to be a day late. We hopped on the next flight which was the day after. Everybody hears about and sees New York city on movies, TV, magazines etc. But I could not fathom it whenever we arrived. It was like I was a little beta fish who lived in a bowl for 20 years and just got dropped off into the fuckin Atlantic sea with EVERY single creature who swims in the ocean. Every single step I took in that city was inspiring. This place is a door. Thousands of doors, No actually....... MILLIONS. I had no idea there was life like this. I don't come from a very artistic background but when I was there I was fed a abundant amount of possibilities in my life. I cannot stress enough for anyone to go there, Like save your dam money now! I don't care how old or young you are! and don't just be a tourist, go out, walk around AND MEET the people. Yes its scary and yes you WILL get lost, but faith will guide you. That place is filled with synchronicities, nothing but back to back moments of perfect timing. Here I have some photos that I haven't shared so I thought why not share them now since its a year later? And crazy thing is I still have more photos I'm holding onto because they are that special to me. -Jeremy


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