Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nob Hill summer fest 18/7/15

            One of my favorite events in Albuquerque is Nob hill Summer fest. The whole idea of Route 66 being shut down and every one storming up and down central is just awesome! My past years I usually would walk up and down looking for photo opportunities and that's always fun but I felt I was searching for something that couldn't be searched for. More of something that just had to happen organically and that's how I've been enjoying my photography lately. It only takes one good shot to scar the birds out the nest... This year I went down with my suit case and a few paintings, kicked my shoes off and played the o'l dirty street hippie role. Its like fishing, Its not really about catching anything more of enjoying the time being. If you catch something cool if not that's cool to, either way its good time invested. These are the photos I got and usually id be bummed with the amount but the  interactions I had were so special and that's what's most important to me. -Jeremy

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