Friday, July 24, 2015

Running into the Toy machine dudes at UNM 19/7/15

           The clouds were rolling in and I just had to ride my skateboard, I needed my dose badly. I was studying the clouds and it seemed that if I went east I would be able to get a little bit of time to skate. As I was driving I knew no one would want to skate so I thought to my self "Where should I skate?" And the parking garage at unm sure is one of my favorite spots especially in a situation with weather. I pull up in to the garage and there goes Daniel Lutheran and Leo Romero flying past me and olling over the big 10 stair. I was so stoked to see them. They were just playing around before the rain came and no one was shooting photos, just filming on their I phones so I ran and got my camera and shot a few photos before a lightning bolt striked right across from us causing every one to scatter and split....except me :)

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