Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shooting with "Rmocho" and "the noticers perspective" june 3rd 2015

         Its always interesting for me to go out and shoot with photographers. I never really looked at photography like that but its nice to go out on a walk with a few friends who have a similar mission in their head and that is to.....Shoot some photos of the unexpected! Linking with other artists can be most helpful to communicate and get a feel for how one another sees the world. This day I met up with @Rmocho with whom I've hung around and took photos with before but we were both meeting with new friend @thenoticersperspective. These are their instagram names if your wondering! We had a chat for a few about photography and how it came about in our lives and we all had such similar stories in different forms....It was great. We proceeded to go on a walk through downtown Albuquerque and this is what I captured from that day. Enjoy. P.S hope to hang with you homies soon! -Jeremy

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