Saturday, August 29, 2015

Journal entry and a redish sun.

       The one thing about travelling for me occasionally is the feeling of loneliness, Yes I'm totally out here with such beautiful people and my girlfriend Mary indeed but its just the way I do things. (At the moment I feel great by the way, this is just how its got to be) I remember before I left my dad asked me why I always travel by my self and my response was.... "No one else wants to come..." The loneliness hit me the other day when I rode the train to the skate park while Mary was at work. I've had this feeling quite a few times when I'm traveling but I tough it up and just accept it. They say you find God when your alone and out of your comfort zone. As I was sitting at the skate park all I could do is pull out my journal and ended up writing this.

As Human beings were put through this life to learn. Its a test, a test of faith and unraveling of who we truly are. We ARE beams of light, radiant and vibrant, divine spirits aching to be alive. Fear is FALSE. Love is REAL and that's something no one can take away from us. Its not only what we learn but also to share and teach. Not necessarily preach but to LIVE, to be a good example and pave a path of hope for others to follow. We all carry the same power. YOU are rich inside, full of potential, you were born to fly. Raise them hands up high because its time to live the life you deserve, The life of your Passion. And were also here......To have FUN. -Jeremy

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Canada Vlog update On current learnings and lessons

I've been doing quiet a bit of filming out here in Calgary but cant edit any of the footage until I get back to Albuquerque. I thought it would be important to at least upload this video to tell you what I've been learning along this trip. Have a watch and listen. Peace -Jeremy

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recent color Photos In Calgary, AB

     As I sit here day by day I wonder.....What the heck I'm doing and why time is passing by so quickly and the only response I can come up with is that I'm having fun. Every day is different and unique but I have adapted some sort of schedule. Wake up by sunrise (Occasionally or by 11) eat breakfast, drink coffee, Work on photos or painting, Go on a walk, Come back skate, Work, explore, eat, skate, jam, chill, meditate, but who really knows if this list is correct because I'm doing some thing different today. For me its important to break habits daily by taking a different route, Working some where different (Like today for instance at Mary work euphoria cafe) For me this makes my life never feel like its on repeat, because as we go further in time we develop habits and routines. What those things do for me is set my mind on auto pilot. AUTO PILOT IS DANGEROUS for our time here living, I used to scarf down meals in a matter of minutes with so many distractions in my head and around me then next thing I know my food is gone and my stomach is unsatisfied or hurting. Ive been really trying my best to be more mindful to appreciate and enjoy my moments here in Canada and especially with Mary. These moments have become so precious to me because I don't know when I will be back. It took time, patience, lots of prayers and faith to get here. Every day I have to stop, look around and tell my self that I'm in Fucking Canada because its easy to get carried away and be on auto pilot. Its something I'm always working on. How I started practicing is while your walking out the door, Just say to your self "Walking out side" and that is a simple way to began awaking. -Jeremy

Monday, August 24, 2015

Art photos from Abandon Mansion in Albuquerque 8/2/15

     The location of this home is secret and that's all I can say about this. This house is disgustingly huge, When I see a house so large with way too many honestly makes me sick but the beauty of it being broken down and no longer lived in tells a great story. Its a lonely place and I feel that whoever lived there before was a lonely person (Just my opinion). Its like building this giant pyramid to live on by your self, They say it gets lonely at the top and that's all I can possibly imagine when I was in that house. I'm very blessed to want a simple life and disagree with societies definition of success. There is no theme to these photos just me being fully in the moment with whatever I chose to create/draw around the photographs. Thank you Juan, Jen and Ray for the adventure it was a dam meaningful one, Cant wait to shoot soon -Jeremy

Friday, August 21, 2015

Making Art

             For the most part during my stay in Calgary, AB Canada I've been spending a lot of time doing art. Its been sweet Calgary Rain today and quiet chilly out. So I've decided to sit down and work on some photos and do a blog update. The time being out here has been like some sort of rehabilitation for me, A lot of time thinking and seeing what I want in life. I'm living on quiet the budget as well, which is very humbling for me. It forces me to spend very wisely, all my money has been towards food and no material objects...Besides art supply. It makes me see what I truly need to survive and be happy. All I can take with me is the moments in my heart and share that every where I go. This is a time to be away from home, A time away from my usual daily patterns in Albuquerque, from waking up, catching the bus, skateboarding and filming on the weekends, sitting criss cross on my floor meditating and making art alone in my room... Its a new and different pattern for me here. Change is important. I am a student of life and this is one of my lessons, Living out here in Canada with my girlfriend and her wonderful friends, Meeting her family and meeting new strangers on the streets. I see so many similarities and differences. I've learned that we are just different reflections of each other, going through this life.....together. We can try to escape from things in life but no matter where we will be faced with it until you can move past it, Even if it takes a life time. So its best to put the cards on the table and just play them.. Here are some recent photos of art making. -Jeremy

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It felt like we were Back in time.

Yes in fact I think we were back in time, Or maybe a collective of old souls mixed with some other futuristic folks. Here I have more photos from Shambhala music festival in BC Canada. Ill have one more set I will be sharing very soon to wrap up the photos from this beautiful trip! -Jeremy
I Spy Bianca!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Listening to Sonya

   This was filmed in Albuquerque, NM with Sonya T. We were chatting at the Coffee shop Satellite and having these very intriguing conversations. I couldn't help but set my camera down and just film what was being said without her approval but I knew it had to be done. Look listen and observe the beautiful knowledge Sonya had to share. -Jeremy


Vision is the art of seeing the invisible

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Art photos along Kensington Calgary, Alberta

            Just a few days ago me and Mary went for a stroll through Kensington. Kensington is a part of town in Calgary which has a artistic energy and I believe its right outside of downtown. As I was sitting here working on these photos I decided to draw over them and see what my imagination can communicate. So please have a close look! Other then that all has been great and fun over here, I have many more projects to share indeed. At the moment the weather is quite gloomy and gray with rain showers drizzling, Hope to see some sunshine soon! -Jeremy