Monday, August 24, 2015

Art photos from Abandon Mansion in Albuquerque 8/2/15

     The location of this home is secret and that's all I can say about this. This house is disgustingly huge, When I see a house so large with way too many honestly makes me sick but the beauty of it being broken down and no longer lived in tells a great story. Its a lonely place and I feel that whoever lived there before was a lonely person (Just my opinion). Its like building this giant pyramid to live on by your self, They say it gets lonely at the top and that's all I can possibly imagine when I was in that house. I'm very blessed to want a simple life and disagree with societies definition of success. There is no theme to these photos just me being fully in the moment with whatever I chose to create/draw around the photographs. Thank you Juan, Jen and Ray for the adventure it was a dam meaningful one, Cant wait to shoot soon -Jeremy

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