Saturday, August 29, 2015

Journal entry and a redish sun.

       The one thing about travelling for me occasionally is the feeling of loneliness, Yes I'm totally out here with such beautiful people and my girlfriend Mary indeed but its just the way I do things. (At the moment I feel great by the way, this is just how its got to be) I remember before I left my dad asked me why I always travel by my self and my response was.... "No one else wants to come..." The loneliness hit me the other day when I rode the train to the skate park while Mary was at work. I've had this feeling quite a few times when I'm traveling but I tough it up and just accept it. They say you find God when your alone and out of your comfort zone. As I was sitting at the skate park all I could do is pull out my journal and ended up writing this.

As Human beings were put through this life to learn. Its a test, a test of faith and unraveling of who we truly are. We ARE beams of light, radiant and vibrant, divine spirits aching to be alive. Fear is FALSE. Love is REAL and that's something no one can take away from us. Its not only what we learn but also to share and teach. Not necessarily preach but to LIVE, to be a good example and pave a path of hope for others to follow. We all carry the same power. YOU are rich inside, full of potential, you were born to fly. Raise them hands up high because its time to live the life you deserve, The life of your Passion. And were also here......To have FUN. -Jeremy

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