Saturday, August 1, 2015

Magical miracles are based on faith

      As you may or not know I will be leaving to Canada Monday morning and staying till September to be with my girlfriend Mary and also attending Shambhala music festival.
I have hit so many bumps along the way to get here.
I had everything except my passport and I only had one last day (today) to get it before my flight date.
I put all my positive prayers to God and really had to let go completely.
I received a phone call yesterday from a mysterious number and it was the passport agency giving me specific instructions what to do so they can over night my passport.....
My hands were shaking as I was on the phone.
I sent the paper work asap and woke up this morning and my passport arrived....
This truly proves to me that with Faith in God and good intentions ANYTHING is possible! -Jeremy

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