Friday, August 21, 2015

Making Art

             For the most part during my stay in Calgary, AB Canada I've been spending a lot of time doing art. Its been sweet Calgary Rain today and quiet chilly out. So I've decided to sit down and work on some photos and do a blog update. The time being out here has been like some sort of rehabilitation for me, A lot of time thinking and seeing what I want in life. I'm living on quiet the budget as well, which is very humbling for me. It forces me to spend very wisely, all my money has been towards food and no material objects...Besides art supply. It makes me see what I truly need to survive and be happy. All I can take with me is the moments in my heart and share that every where I go. This is a time to be away from home, A time away from my usual daily patterns in Albuquerque, from waking up, catching the bus, skateboarding and filming on the weekends, sitting criss cross on my floor meditating and making art alone in my room... Its a new and different pattern for me here. Change is important. I am a student of life and this is one of my lessons, Living out here in Canada with my girlfriend and her wonderful friends, Meeting her family and meeting new strangers on the streets. I see so many similarities and differences. I've learned that we are just different reflections of each other, going through this life.....together. We can try to escape from things in life but no matter where we will be faced with it until you can move past it, Even if it takes a life time. So its best to put the cards on the table and just play them.. Here are some recent photos of art making. -Jeremy

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