Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recent color Photos In Calgary, AB

     As I sit here day by day I wonder.....What the heck I'm doing and why time is passing by so quickly and the only response I can come up with is that I'm having fun. Every day is different and unique but I have adapted some sort of schedule. Wake up by sunrise (Occasionally or by 11) eat breakfast, drink coffee, Work on photos or painting, Go on a walk, Come back skate, Work, explore, eat, skate, jam, chill, meditate, but who really knows if this list is correct because I'm doing some thing different today. For me its important to break habits daily by taking a different route, Working some where different (Like today for instance at Mary work euphoria cafe) For me this makes my life never feel like its on repeat, because as we go further in time we develop habits and routines. What those things do for me is set my mind on auto pilot. AUTO PILOT IS DANGEROUS for our time here living, I used to scarf down meals in a matter of minutes with so many distractions in my head and around me then next thing I know my food is gone and my stomach is unsatisfied or hurting. Ive been really trying my best to be more mindful to appreciate and enjoy my moments here in Canada and especially with Mary. These moments have become so precious to me because I don't know when I will be back. It took time, patience, lots of prayers and faith to get here. Every day I have to stop, look around and tell my self that I'm in Fucking Canada because its easy to get carried away and be on auto pilot. Its something I'm always working on. How I started practicing is while your walking out the door, Just say to your self "Walking out side" and that is a simple way to began awaking. -Jeremy

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