Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Shambhala Salmo River Ranch Part 1 8/10/15

         I can start off by explaining to you what I experienced, But my words cannot fathom it enough. The only way for me to describe this is with photos, art and videos. Most people can try to put a label and say that all you do at a festival is party for days in and out. While that may be some what true and YES the music only stops from about 8 am till 11 am but there is so much enrichment, acceptance, growth and love while there. Its like wandering in nature alone and learning so much with out any words being said. That's what it is, It is a spiritual journey. This is Shambhala Music Festival. It happens once a year on a farm in BC Canada. This is a place where every type of creative, Special human being can gather together from all over the world and share this wonderful piece of sacred land. This post will have a few parts due the amount of documentations.

We arrived August 5th some time early in the morning. We as in Mary, Sam, Bianca, Ivan, Molly, Kyler and Sawyer. (First Photo at the top) This was two days before the set date of the festival and it was packed!!! Lets just say it took over 15 hours to just park the car, but during that time we were able to get out and go to our camp spot. It was fucking crazy, You drive off onto this dirt road in between these giant trees going through this curvy winding path and the anticipation was just building up more and more as we cruised along. There were pigs crossing the road and even stopping traffic. It was pretty awesome!

Being in this environment feels exactly like a fairy tale! The ego is shunned out the door. You have no choice. It's either be your self or....You really have no option, its just that comfortable and weird.

 When some one asks me how it was? I really don't know what to say. As for the rest of the posts coming, Ill just let the photos speak for themselves. I will tell you in upcoming posts how much of a blessing and miracle this whole journey to Canada and Shambhala came about.....It could of sounded like mission impossible to most but with God all things are possible. -Jeremy

(Sam, Bianca, Kyler, Molly, Sawyer, Mary and me at the bottom)

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