Sunday, September 27, 2015

NYC Silver 2015

A four day trip out to New York City with Silver skateshop. Please watch and enjoy. peace -Jeremy

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Came and saw i conquered

               Its Sept. 22 2015 so they say. Ive been overwhelmed with the amount of material I have to share. I'm anxious to  continue sharing my Canada videos but man some times you just got to appreciate the process. If your reading this Smar-t jones please reply because a brotha wanna share these videos! I arrived in Albuquerque on the 9th of sept. from Calgary, AB Canada and now I'm going to New York city tonight with a few bucks in my pocket and I couldn't be more excited. God seems to always work continuous miracles in my life. Through love, food, shelter, people and my purpose. I'm so thankful. I'm trying to change my mind set currently, to continue to be more positive and follow my true life purpose and hope to one day be able to support my self and my loved ones. I love you -Jeremy


Friday, September 18, 2015

Affirmation just for YOU

A few days ago I found myself swirling into a very negative state of mind. My body became very heavy, doubtful and even angry. Yes I'm a human being just like you and I have my low times indeed. I rode my bike far out into the desert and had a talk with God honestly. I knew my upset and complaining words were just making things worse but its all that was on my mind. I then found my self reading this positive affirmation printed on this water bottle of mine, over and over out loud. After the third time I started feeling better and really helped remind how powerful the words we speak are. As I was doing this I decided to Change the words "I" into you so YOU can get the powerful energy I received. -Jeremy

Friday, September 11, 2015

Canada Part 1 Immigration

This is the first day I woke up in Canada. I had a interesting experience arriving and decided to film and talk about what happened. I filmed my stay in Canada through out the month of various moments and randomness. I'm not sure how all the videos will end up but I have a lot of footage to share! -Jeremy

Monday, September 7, 2015

A few photos from Mines and Marys Art Show

     Me and Mary rolled out of bed with a rise and shine attitude yesterday haha! We got up with a few more things on our to do list to get done before the show at 1. I cant even remember if we ate breakfast but we went down to the store and bought some goodies and treats with the last of our dollars and had just enough! Coming back to the house we then started clearing out the Puzzle room, cleared some wall space and began hanging our art. We started with Marys wall and man it came out so cool. By 1 o clock I was just finishing up my wall and Mary got done with the treats and people started coming! We even made a sign and set it down the street and people from the neighborhood came as well. It was so beautiful and very welcoming. I am a bit out of words currently but I do feel quite blessed and I am so proud of Mary. Thank you every one who came and supported, it meant the world to us. <3 Jeremy

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Art Show 9/6/15

          Every ant in a colony has a different job role, some gather grass, some gather pebbles, sticks, food scraps etc. Picture a colony of a million ants and there's this one ant who is fed up! This ant knows deep down that it has something more to offer, not just for the colony but whatever else is outside its ant hole and over the mountains and across the seas. Its a leap of faith for this ant to take that risk. There is no guarantee for food, Shelter and survival. The ant goes out one night and looks towards the full moon asking for guidance and the only gut feeling this ant gets is......It doesn't have anything to loose....It can go its whole life wondering how it would have been to leave that ant hole and continue picking up sticks and rocks building some other ants dream or it could go out and build its own. Its been 3 years since that ants been building its dream. This ant works day and night. Lots of lonely days, lots of star gazing and wondering what the hell its doing, Not making any money and hardly eating.....But this ant doesn't give up. This ant is doing exactly what it loves...This ant has came so far and it has no choice but to keep going. All those lonely days and nights the ant built up a relationship with itself and the one, the master of the universe also known as God. And that God made a promise to that ant it will always be taken care of and given everything it needs just as long as it keeps making art, Skateboarding, and sharing all of its talents with the ones it meets, oh and bringing others up as well! And that's all that Ant has been doing. That ant is getting taking on a magic carpet ride. This ant has been living its dream ever since it first took that leap out of the colonies home.....Its now September 2nd. Ive been in Calgary, AB Canada for one month now. It just happened and I had no control of it. Art is inevitable for me, I cant help but create and document the life around me and share it with you. It is apart of my work as a human being on earth.-Jeremy

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


    I've been to the skate park about three or four times out here in Calgary. Yesterday I really needed to get away and skateboarding is one of my favorite ways. Lately the most skateboarding I get is out in the street and at playgrounds. So you can say my flat ground has been my shit lately. The one thing I miss most about Albuquerque (Minus family and friends) Is going out on the weekends skating and filming with my friends and also my local skatepark. I feel quiet alienated at times and whenever I'm skateboarding with friends everything gets set aside and the only thing that matters is the skateboarding. I snapped a few photos yesterday at Millennium skatepark to share with you!