Monday, September 7, 2015

A few photos from Mines and Marys Art Show

     Me and Mary rolled out of bed with a rise and shine attitude yesterday haha! We got up with a few more things on our to do list to get done before the show at 1. I cant even remember if we ate breakfast but we went down to the store and bought some goodies and treats with the last of our dollars and had just enough! Coming back to the house we then started clearing out the Puzzle room, cleared some wall space and began hanging our art. We started with Marys wall and man it came out so cool. By 1 o clock I was just finishing up my wall and Mary got done with the treats and people started coming! We even made a sign and set it down the street and people from the neighborhood came as well. It was so beautiful and very welcoming. I am a bit out of words currently but I do feel quite blessed and I am so proud of Mary. Thank you every one who came and supported, it meant the world to us. <3 Jeremy

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