Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Art Show 9/6/15

          Every ant in a colony has a different job role, some gather grass, some gather pebbles, sticks, food scraps etc. Picture a colony of a million ants and there's this one ant who is fed up! This ant knows deep down that it has something more to offer, not just for the colony but whatever else is outside its ant hole and over the mountains and across the seas. Its a leap of faith for this ant to take that risk. There is no guarantee for food, Shelter and survival. The ant goes out one night and looks towards the full moon asking for guidance and the only gut feeling this ant gets is......It doesn't have anything to loose....It can go its whole life wondering how it would have been to leave that ant hole and continue picking up sticks and rocks building some other ants dream or it could go out and build its own. Its been 3 years since that ants been building its dream. This ant works day and night. Lots of lonely days, lots of star gazing and wondering what the hell its doing, Not making any money and hardly eating.....But this ant doesn't give up. This ant is doing exactly what it loves...This ant has came so far and it has no choice but to keep going. All those lonely days and nights the ant built up a relationship with itself and the one, the master of the universe also known as God. And that God made a promise to that ant it will always be taken care of and given everything it needs just as long as it keeps making art, Skateboarding, and sharing all of its talents with the ones it meets, oh and bringing others up as well! And that's all that Ant has been doing. That ant is getting taking on a magic carpet ride. This ant has been living its dream ever since it first took that leap out of the colonies home.....Its now September 2nd. Ive been in Calgary, AB Canada for one month now. It just happened and I had no control of it. Art is inevitable for me, I cant help but create and document the life around me and share it with you. It is apart of my work as a human being on earth.-Jeremy

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