Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Came and saw i conquered

               Its Sept. 22 2015 so they say. Ive been overwhelmed with the amount of material I have to share. I'm anxious to  continue sharing my Canada videos but man some times you just got to appreciate the process. If your reading this Smar-t jones please reply because a brotha wanna share these videos! I arrived in Albuquerque on the 9th of sept. from Calgary, AB Canada and now I'm going to New York city tonight with a few bucks in my pocket and I couldn't be more excited. God seems to always work continuous miracles in my life. Through love, food, shelter, people and my purpose. I'm so thankful. I'm trying to change my mind set currently, to continue to be more positive and follow my true life purpose and hope to one day be able to support my self and my loved ones. I love you -Jeremy


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