Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Startribe Desert Dwellers solo set with Amani at the Gorge

After editing the photos from this gathering (A few posts below) I also had some footage from this day and was inspired to put it all together. Watch, dance and enjoy.

Listen to the Voice Trailer

Listen to the voice is a series of synchronistic conversations and short stories filmed in Albuquerque, NM. A young man caring a camera wanders the University area and documents the people he met and made connections with. March 2016 The Guild Albuquerque, NM

Listen to the Voice Trailer from Jeremy Salazar on Vimeo.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Desert Dwellers solo set by Amani at the Taos Gorge 20/12/15

Last weekend I found my self wearing 3 pairs of pants, 3 pullovers a hoodie and a jacket. I caught a ride with my friend George Buno and Donovan from Albuquerque,NM to Taos, NM for a winter solstice gathering and a free set by Amani from Desert dwellers WHO indeed holds it down for New Mexico. George who also played a set before Amani offered a ride in return for photos of the gathering. We arrived at 2 PM and had until 5 o clock to jam until the sun was gone. And that's just what we did. One passion I have is documenting beautiful people and places like this are full of them. Events like this always remind me how much beauty there is in the world. -Jeremy
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Why social media sucks and why its good

       I get easily discouraged looking on the internet. Scrolling through Instagram I get caught up looking at peoples lives and how "Successful" they appear to be. I wonder you know? What do they do? How did they get there? Why cant I be like that or get those likes and also why I cant have more followers? BUT hold on... How important is that stuff? There is a trick to social media that I have learned over the years and this also applies to face book.....Its all about how you present your self. What your posting and the quality of what your sharing. NEVER posting just to post. But this social media is depressing and easy to get sucked into a black hole and actually not create any thing your self. I sit there always looking at other peoples lives wishing I could be them or do what they do. And that is un healthy! I just started getting into that mind frame and stood up and said fuck that I'm gonna go work on my blog, because that's what I do. Social media makes me compare my self to others and that is a BIG NO,NO! Those things only show moments of our life we choose to share. Some body could look like there always traveling, always smiling, get amazing photos etc. BUT the one thing we don't share is when were feeling like shit, hopeless or wondering what were doing with our lives. And ok I get it no one wants to be that person on the internet. We are human beings though who experience emotions, feelings, bumps and curve balls, self doubt and so on. Its inevitable. Don't be discouraged by others "success" or looks and maybe I'm telling my self that as well.
               There are indeed many good reasons for social media. Its free promotion. You can be self made. You can easily communicate with any one in the whole wide world. and most importantly keep in touch with all your friends. I don't want to keep going but my advice is....live your life. The people you love and the things you create are important. That's all that matters. Its like they make this stuff unintentionally to discourage us and have desires to be famous or look a certain way and expose our selves just for attention. You know what is most important as well? Having genuine connections with people face to face. Wonder why I ride the bus? Or go on walks? Just so I can meet people and see that I'm not alone. -Jeremy


Live and Forgive is a local Albuquerque skateboarding film from Tom Trujillo and I featuring all of our friends. 4 plus years in the making!!! I'm blessed to be apart of such a hard and transformative project. Its crazy to watch every ones growth in this video and how much we have progressed through the years. It has been requiring a large amount of faith and dedication. Its easy to not got out and film on the weekend but its also the most rewarding feeling inside when you film a trick you've been working to get for months or even years. Be looking for the Live and Forgive to be finished sometime 2016. Were going in all the way, Lets get it!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Canada Part 5 of 5 "Apart but United" Finale

Apart but united is the last of a 5 part video series of my recent trip to Calgary, AB Canada through August and September 2015. Me and my girlfriend Mary Trondsen decided to bring everyone together and host a art show to close the curtains. Watch and enjoy.

A journey out to Calgary, AB Canada, along though the trees of British Columbia to Shambhala music festival and a documentation of a house of young artists living life. Through the month of August and early September 15. A major thank you to everyone who helped me. I could not do this by my self. I cant wait for the next one.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Homie Holidaze 2015

Johnny fs 360


Nathaniel Watson bennet grind

Spacoli Monster Lion kickflip melon

Jorey Hernandez Treflip board break

Spacoli kickflip grab shuv better known as the Spacoli twist

Zeke Duran 5-0

Raver Poppins

Robert Reyna Switch flips

Dartandian Beast switch bigspin

Johnny fs lip

Nathaniel back lip

Bacon boy Ollie

Adrian Ollie

El Chapo kickflip 5-0
Brian the Lion back 50

Monico Candelaria kickflip 5-0

Dan Lu the legend

The Durans