Thursday, January 28, 2016

4th street Downtown Albuquerque 27/1/16

The absolute joy of commuting outdoors in environments where there is people and friends to see. Skating to the bus station downtown to get a bus pass, I run into a few friends as they just got off of school. And also made new friends. Its strange to some but I find my self relating so much more to "kids" Its easy to stick to your age range as you get older. But its very important to surround your self with every age of human beings in my opinion. We all have something to learn from one another,  As I was hanging out with them it was very inspiring.... At certain stages of our life I feel we have to ability to dream a lot more freely. This kid Ian comes up with out even knowing me and said he wants to go to outer space. I mean come on you say that any where else as a "Adult" people are going to consider you crazy but in my eyes your completely perfect. -Jeremy

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Black Cat

A short film about a black and white Cat whos haunted by a Black and White Hand painted Happy loco Jacket. Currently only one made and Available here
If in Albuquerque email me for easier shipping.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Alejandro, Camari and Louie 23/1/16

Alejandro Garcia Heelflip wallride

      One thing I could say with out any hesitation about Camari (Below) is that if there was an award for filmers with the best attitude he would get it. Actually starting now you get that award man! Camari is constantly on the hype to help any one he is with to motivate them or help them get clips, he reminds me of Beagle the filmer from Baker. He doesn't even have to try, its just who he is. Camari is currently filming on a sony trv 900 (A classic) I believe. And it just adds that much flavor to the sesh, it reminds me of when your out there filming with no expectations for some video and just documenting the fun with your friends.

Camari contemplating the angles

Frontside Nose slide To fakie
Alejandro Garcia (above) is quiet interesting to document. The way he approaches obstacles with out any thought. I mean he pretty much just goes for the trick regardless if your filming or not and I find that very passionate and inspiring. Yes its important to document the tricks but its also important to simply have fun.

Louie (Below) Is a local OG underground homie. I grew up skating with him in the south valley back in high school and have always noticed how remarkable his style is. He's got a stalky squared shoulder steeze going on with the fists closed looking like hes about to box. Its tight. After years of traveling through time its dope to still see this dude getting it on the board. Hope to skate with yall soon! -Jeremy
Louie No comply

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Creating by accident

Every time I have found a new way to create or look at something different it has been 99.9 percent accidental. Its easy to get stuck with a certain style and I've been deciding lately to step out the box and challenge myself more. Today I challenge you to try something different! A different breakfast, a new path to your destination etc.. Something about doing it a little different every day for me personally keeps me on my toes. Its easy to get a routine and next thing you know your on autopilot, and the day just completely vanished. The most valuable thing you have is today, Right now and that is all you have, not yesterday or tomorrow. Life is very fragile and it is passing by like the sun in the sky. It comes up and goes down. I'm not sure exactly why were here, but it feels real when my adrenaline is pumping, when I'm scared, Traveling, joyful or as soon as I step out the door feeling sun rays warm my skin or the cold air lift the hair up on my arms and I could hardly breath as the thin air squeezes my lungs. -Jeremy

"Indi" Central and Yale Albuquerque, NM 18/1/16

Out in El Paso video by Michael Sanchez

Friday, January 15, 2016

Baby Lylah

During the last week of December I got invited on a hike with Sidney, Cassidy and her baby Lylah. I couldn't help but take photographs of this baby. To me it is it important to document people and moments that will soon pass, grow and evolve. A memory is all that will be left. The most special thing in a photograph to me is looking back at it years later and either trying to put a story on that image or completely remembering it. You don't realize how valuable, important and interesting your life is until you start documenting it, sharing and also looking back at it. SO I encourage you to document your life and the ones around you, in whatever way possible. Put it in a folder, a box, a disc, contact sheets WHATEVER and you will have a magnificent collection at the end of your life that will inspire many. -Jeremy

omar 50 50 rio 14 by Tom Cat "1snazzy2"

Throwback clip of Omar back side 50-50 Rio Grande's 14 stair in 2008! This is around the time I just started skateboarding! I remember seeing this and it always embedded in my brain. This is most definitely one for the books in Albuquerque, its a bummer this rail no longer exists but crazy how new spots are brought to life. -Jeremy

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Live and Forgive behind the scenes Jan. 9-10

Michael Bruhh Frontside blunt and lands in the infinite nothingness
Jamie charging this mini ledge for a boardslide, this guy makes the simplicity in skateboarding standout with power and steez
Mike D should not be push puff passin on this one but hes got the mental power that breaks any doctors standards.. He had a recent knee surgery a few months ago on his acl I believe and he just started pushin again. Take it slow my G

Jamie getting that westgate steeze on this back 50 that almost turned into a backside feeble every try

Day two out on a sunday at the same flat bar as last week...But what ever Pepe killed it and got a clip. Going to the same spot numerous times is very challenging to shoot. It forces me to look at it in as many way as possible, and really proves there is infinite ways to look at objects, subjects etc.

Raul took my camera for a bit and got this one of Chapo No pun intended
Chapo tagged along and decided catch a flight to being a pro ass wanga

Monday, January 11, 2016

Spacoli Filming For Live and Forgive

Front shuv Melon
I have never seen a young man with so much power. The consistency, the style and the tricks of choice are like no other. It takes a certain type of person to have a heart in the right place to be a real genuine skateboarder. Spacoli gots it all.

Spacoli has been a tower legend. Tower is a local skatepark in Albuquerque, NM. One of the best who rip that park a new one every time they push through it. This guy charges everything like a bull and lands his tricks usually within a few tries. Nothing seems to scare this dude. Any obstacle hes faced with he just laughs at and claims its not scary and I'm scared shitless just staring at it.
Tre flip
Frontside heel
Keeping this trick one on the Down low.
We have been out filming with Spacoli recently on and off for the past few months maybe even a year I'm not completely sure? But I hope to be out more shooting photos of this dude and also getting more vx1000 footage of him for our upcoming video Live and Forgive. Hes got the gift all that's left is documenting it and sharing it. I don't even have to tell you to keep killing it because you always will -Jeremy