Monday, January 25, 2016

Alejandro, Camari and Louie 23/1/16

Alejandro Garcia Heelflip wallride

      One thing I could say with out any hesitation about Camari (Below) is that if there was an award for filmers with the best attitude he would get it. Actually starting now you get that award man! Camari is constantly on the hype to help any one he is with to motivate them or help them get clips, he reminds me of Beagle the filmer from Baker. He doesn't even have to try, its just who he is. Camari is currently filming on a sony trv 900 (A classic) I believe. And it just adds that much flavor to the sesh, it reminds me of when your out there filming with no expectations for some video and just documenting the fun with your friends.

Camari contemplating the angles

Frontside Nose slide To fakie
Alejandro Garcia (above) is quiet interesting to document. The way he approaches obstacles with out any thought. I mean he pretty much just goes for the trick regardless if your filming or not and I find that very passionate and inspiring. Yes its important to document the tricks but its also important to simply have fun.

Louie (Below) Is a local OG underground homie. I grew up skating with him in the south valley back in high school and have always noticed how remarkable his style is. He's got a stalky squared shoulder steeze going on with the fists closed looking like hes about to box. Its tight. After years of traveling through time its dope to still see this dude getting it on the board. Hope to skate with yall soon! -Jeremy
Louie No comply

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