Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chucky, Michael Bruhh and Chile on New Years

Luis "Chucky" Morales Frontside Bean plant
 Maybe this should be a post about New Years and how I'm going to be a better person, my resolutions and a moment to reflect. Yes it could be! But its not, I'm sorry not really. I met up with these dudes yesterday and they never fail to make me laugh and remember one of many reasons I love skateboarding. As a skater you tend to have encounters with people who are completely against what you are doing. Cops, old grandpas old ladies, nerds, jocks, whatever you name it. I have found its easiest over the years to not even try to argue with these people about why they suck and don't understand that we are actually doing something good and important. But in there eyes they just see a bunch of reckless monkeys throwing a toy around and screaming like gorillas. No use of arguing right? I just ask for a few more tries and be polite. These dudes don't take no for a answer though
Michael "Bruhh" Sanchez Switch heelflip

Manny "Chile" Gonzalez Back side noseblunt
 We arrived at a spot previous to this and about 3 minutes into skating this old guy comes out and tells us the good o'l run down "Your destroying our property, you cant be here, blah blah blahh" Now I talked to the guy and told him no one was out and its new years, He should let us skate for a little bit. I got denied instantly. These dudes decided to give this guy a hard time and in the nicest way. The guy started claiming the owner told us we cant be there. And Chile, Chucky and Michael started calling the guy out saying stuff like -"Your lying" -"Hes bluffing" -"Its just a piece of concrete" and the guy admitted he was lying! In my eyes these kids intimated this older guy. And I would say because they had more logical explanations to back up there argument. I cant help but just laugh while all this is happening. I guess when your younger you have little cares that people will call cops etc. and when your older you tend to be more cautious because you realize the outcomes or consequences. Its a blessing at the same time to be surrounded by younger people or people with this mentality (For me at least) mainly because it reminds me of how I used to be, it reminds me of that young skateboard heart who is on fire to ride there skateboard freely where ever they like and take no for a answer. I'm blessed to be surrounded by a few people who have that spark and actually, I've just decided that my new years resolution is to be surrounded with more individuals with that same spark or similar sparks in all creative areas, in order to continue progressing at this....Whatever it is I seem to be on a quest for.

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